Irish Model and Prototype Railways - 2002

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ex-mining Simplex 102T loco

Turn-of-the-century Charleroix (Belgian) Passenger Tramcars

The "Workers Office"

Maintenance Wagons

Nice disused railway bridge near Killybegs

Model of what Donegal Station was
Model of Donegal Station

Model of Donegal Station

Old Irish Locos

Old Irish Locos
Old Irish Locos
Giant's Causeway & Bushmills Railway

Giants Causeway Tramway opened in 1883 as the World’s 1st commercially run 'hydro-electric' powered tram system

Looking out towards Galway Bay from Galway Station

Fuel Tanks

Engine Sheds

Water Tank


Typical Railway Crossing sign

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All photos were taken by and are copyright of Paul Kaluschke