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_Eric Drooker Graphic> General Politics and Current Issues

Bad Subjects - Political Education for everyday life.

Betrayed [Politics] - Anarchism, Veg*ism, Antifascism, Boycotts, Pascfism, Socialism, SxE. - Has information on current affairs, politics, new science and the 'hidden information'.

Alphabetical Reading Recommendations from T(i)NC


_> Anarchism

Liberty for the People -Links to texts concerning the goal of liberty and freedom for the working class individual.

A History of Punk - from Fast'n'Bulbous Music Webzine -
"Remember kids! You can't know what's new until you learn what is old!"

Spunk Library - The Spunk Library collects and distributes literature in electronic format, with an emphasis on anarchism and related issues. - Your Guide to Online Anarchy.

An Anarchist Reading List - A reading list from the Anarchist Action Network.

Anarchy: What the f*#k is all this? - All things to all people? Not quite 57 varieties yet, but getting there! This page covers all the varieties of Anarchism, from anarcho-feminism to libertarian communism.

Prominent Anarchists and Left-Libertarians - Individuals who have distinguished themselves in the past and present by opposing various forms of coercion, authority and injustice, political and economic, in true libertarian tradition.

_> Situationists & Guy Debord

Guy Debord @ alt.culture - A brief introduction into who Guy Debord is.

Basic Banalities - An in depth description of who the situtationists were and their theories.

Situationist International Online - Information on Anarchism and the Situationist International. - Theorists and Critics - Check out the theorists Guy Debord and Noam Chomsky.

Anti-Capital Web

"Phil Ochs once said that the perfect rock outfit would be a combination of Elvis and Che Guevara... It turned out a to be a somewhat updated version of that vision. Something like a symbiosis of The Who and Guy Deboard. Or The Jam and Noam Chomsky." The (international) Noise Conspiracy

> Socialism

International Socialist Tendency - A website uniting revolutionary organisations around the world, part of the worldwide anti-capitalist movement.

Smurfing Socialists - Hand Carved Magazine article on the subversive propaganda that is The Smurfs.

Socialism today - The monthly journal of the Socialist Party.

The World Socialist Movement - This website is the collaborative work of socialists around the world.

> Internet Reading Suggestions
__ -
by T(i)NC in the liner notes of A New Morning Changing Weather

Autonomist Marxism and the Information Society by Nick Witheford [Broken Link]
"Good introduction to autonomist or open Marxism. Nick Dyer-witheford, the author of this text has also written the book "Cyber-Marx" whichis a recommended read."

An Interview with Harry Cleaver
"Interview with important American autonomist Marxist Harry Cleaver, dealing mostly with the refusal to work as an anti-capitalist resistance strategy."

"A sometimes very good discussion list for this anti-authority and state hostile branch of marxism."

The Commoner
"Good radical critique of the global workhouse."

Situationist International Online
"A big situationist archive that has a lot of previouslyuntranslated stuff."

Wu Ming Foundation
"A radical bunch of italians, earlier a part of Luther Blisset, the multiple identity project."

The Journal of Psychogeography and Urban Research [Broken Link]
"A good looking page with a lot of stuff related to psycho-geography, check out the text about skateboarding and the urban space in a capitalist city."
[Broken Link]

Independent Media Center
"If you want to find out what really happened in Gothenburg 2001 and other up to date news about protests and resistance around the world."

GNU Project
"Alot of open source stuff."

_> Suggested Books - references for each song on the album and B Sides
__ - by T(i)NC in the liner notes of A New Morning Changing Weather, Capitalism Stole ___---- My Virginity and Up For Sale singles and the Bigger_----- ___ ----Cages, Longer Chains EP.

An Alphabetical list of below HERE.

A Northwest Passage
The marriage between heaven and hell: William Blake
Saint-Just: Norman Hampson
K Foundation burned a million quid: James Caunty & Bill Drummond

Up For Sale
Acts of resistance: Pierre Bourdieu
Reading capital Politically: Harry Cleaver
The iron heel: Jack London
The eclipse and re-emergence of the communist movement: Gillies Davue & Francois Martin

Bigger Cages, Longer Chains
The abolition of work: Bob Black
Zerowork: the anti-work anthology
Refusal as strategy: Mario Tronti
Sabotage in the American workplace: Martin Sprouse

Breakout 2001
Gender trouble: Judith Butler
Shoot the women first: Eileen MacDonald
Feminist theory: Josephine Donovan
Materialist femanism and the politics of discourse: Rosemary Hennesy

A Boby Treatise
The History of sexuality: Michel Faucault
Kroppens Tunna Skal: Karin Johanisson
Queer theory an introduction: Anna Maire Jacose
Genderbending, playing with roles and reversals: Pat Califia

Born into a mess
The revolution of everyday life: Raoul Vaneigem
The right to be greedy: Thesis on the practical necessity of demanding everything

New Empire Blues
Empire: Antonio Negri & Michael Hardt
Capitalism in the age of globalization: Gayati Chakravorty Spivak
Year 501; the conquest continues: Noam Chomsky

Capitalism Stole My Virginity
Society of the spectacle: Guy Debord
King Mob Echo: Tom Vague
BAD: the autobiography of James Carr

Last Century Promise
Simulation and Simulacra: Jean Baudrillard
Malone dies: Samuel Beckett
Course in general linguistics: Ferdinand De saussure

Dead Language of Love
The Unseen: Nanni Balestrini
Pacifism as pathology: Ward Churchill
The way the wind blew: Ron Jacobs
Homage to Catalonia: George Orwell

A New Morning, Changing Weather
Cyber-Marx: Nick Dyer Witheford
Lipstick Traces - A Secret History of the Twentieth Century: Greil Marcus
Do it! scenarios of the revolution: Jerry Rubin
Days of love nights of war: Crimethink collective

Ever Felt Cheated? (Capitalism Stole my Virginity single)
A people's history of the United Stated: Howard Zinn
Amerika: Franz Kafka
Animal farm: George Orwell

United by Haircuts (Capitalism Stole my Virginity single)
On the genealogy of morals: Feridrich Neitzsche
The Communist Manifesto: Karl Marx & Friedrich Engles
Thesoul of a man under socialism: Oscar Wilde

Weighing War on Coma (Up For Sale single)
Comments on society of the spectacle: Guy Debord
On television: Pierre Bourdieu

Manufacturing consent: Noam Chomsky

Written on the Bourgeois Body (Up For Sale single)
The protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism: Max Weber
Story of the eye: Georges Bataille
The enemy is middle class: Andy Andersin & Mark Anderson

Waiting for Salvation (Bigger Cages, Longer Chains EP)
The decline and fall of the spectacle economy: Guy Debord
Postmodernism or the cultureal logic of Late Capitalism: Fredric Jameson
Young Adam: Alexander Trocchi

Beautiful So Alone (Bigger Cages, Longer Chains EP)
The uninvited; Refugees at the richman's gate: Jeremy Harding
The new migration in Europe: Social constructions and social realities: Helma Lutz & Khalid Koser
Into the margins: Migration and exclusion in Southern Europe: Floya Anthias & Gabriella Lazaridis

A Textbook Example (Bigger Cages, Longer Chains EP)
Ideology and ideological state apparatuses: Lois Althusser
No more prisons: William upski Wimsatt
On the poverty of student life: Khayati

When Words Are Not Working (Bigger Cages, Longer Chains EP)
Dada - art and anti art: Hans Richter
The autobiography of Abbie Hoffman: Abbie Hoffman

*All sites are in English except where stated.

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