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Marriage is an important and exciting time.  It is your special day and you want your ceremony to be remembered.   You can choose the content of your marriage ceremony within the framework of the Marriage Act 1961.    You can find out about all this and have examples of ceremonies to choose from at your first meeting.    If you wish, you can involve your family members to take part in the ceremony.   You may even decide to have a musical arrangement to be played or performed at your ceremony.   It is important that the ceremony is one that you both want.   At the end of the ceremony you will  sign the Marriage Register and Marriage Certificates, together with two witnesses over the age of eighteen and the Marriage Celebrant. You will then get your Marriage Certificate,

.Baby namings, 

With this popular celebration, you can welcome the baby into your family.   It is also the opportunity to introduce the baby to relatives and friends.   So in this way, your baby will become officially part of your family and friends.


The content and manner of the commitment ceremony will be tailored to each individual couple.  It can take whatever form you wish, be it formal or relaxed.  The celebrant welcomes all.  The couple vows their intent to be committed to each other and the celebrant may help with ideas.

You may also want to include music, poetry or have readings about love.  You may wish to have an exchange of rings.  

Funeral Eulogies

A eulogy is simple. it should express the feelings and experiences of the person towards  the loved one. The most touching and meaningful eulogies are subjective and written from the heart. A eulogy does not have to be perfect. The celebrant will help you and whatever you write and deliver will be appreciated by the people in attendance. 

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