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Water Industry Associations and Organisations .... Australian & Overseas

Major City Water Corporations and Utilities in Australia



Australian Water Association

Water Services Association of Australia

International Water Association IWA

ACTEW Corporation

IWA Foundation

ActewAGL water, electricity and gas for Canberra ACT

American Water Works Association

Brisbane Water

Water Environment Federation

Hobart Water

European Water Association

Hunter Water Corporation

Japan Water Works Association

Melbourne Water Corporation

New Zealand Water & Wastes Association

Melbourne - City West Water

Water Institute of Southern Africa

Melbourne - South East Water

Association for Water And Rural Development AWARD South Africa

Melbourne - Yarra Valley Water

Water UK

Northern Territory Power and Water Authority

Water Services Association of Australia - large utilities

SA Water

Environment Business Australia

Sydney Catchment Authority

Waterwatch Australia - Community Monitoring

Sydney Water Corporation

NSW Water Directorate - regional water utilities

State Water NSW

Victorian Water Industry Association

 Water Corporation of Western Australia

Australian National Committee on Irrigation & Drainage ANCID


NSW Irrigators Council

Dam and River Water Levels, Weather

Australian Stormwater Industry Association

Water Availability Australian States (Dam storage levels, etc)

Water Industry Operators Association of Australia (WIOA)

Bureau of Meteorology Australia


National Weather Service US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 

International Water Management Institute

Met Office UK Government

Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research


Global Water Partnership

Utility Regulators


Utility Regulator Links




Water Charities


WaterAid UK - helps poor communities


Acumen Fund US 



Water Conservation and Community Organisations

Private Water Utilities Companies



Waterwatch Australia - Community Monitoring

Australian Water Services

Owned by: Degremont, a subsidiary of  Suez Environment

Streamwatch - Community Monitoring NSW

United Utilities

Streamwatch's Water Links Page

United Water

Consortium: Veolia Water, RWE Thames Water and Halliburton KBR

Wai Care Auckland New Zealand

Veolia Water Australia 

Water Wise Rand Water South Africa

RWE Thames Water 


Thames Water Projects now part of UNITEDKG

WaterWatch England and Wales


WaterAid UK

Australian Regional Water Utilities

Water Wise Thames Water UK


Water-Wise Council of New York

NSW Water Directorate (local government)

National Rivercare Program NRP Australia

VicWater Industry Association Inc

Murray Darling Association Australia

Albury City Council, NSW

Save the Murray

Aqwest - water services for Bunbury City, WA


Barwon Region Water Authority Victoria

Water Sensitive Urban Design (Sydney)

Bundaberg City Council Queensland


Busselton Water, WA

Environmental Agencies - Australia and other countries

Cairns City Council Queensland


Central Highlands Water Victoria

Australian Government Environment Portal

CitiWater Townsville Queensland

Environment Australia

Coffs Harbour City Council

Environment Protection Authority NSW

Coliban Water Victoria

Environment Protection Authority Victoria

Dubbo City Council NSW

Department of Natural Resources and Environment Victoria

East Gippsland Region Water Authority Victoria

Environmental Protection Agency Queensland

Gippsland Water Victoria

Environment Protection Agency South Australia

Glenelg Region Water Authority Victoria

Department of Environmental Protection Western Australia

Glenorchy City Council Tasmania

Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment Tasmania

Gold Coast Water Queensland

Lands, Planning and Environment Northern Territory

Gosford Council NSW

Environment ACT

Goulburn-Murray Rural Water Authority

Ministry for the Environment New Zealand

Goulburn Valley Region Water Authority Shepparton Victoria

South Africa Dept of Environment

Grampians Region Water Authority Victoria


Ipswich Water Queensland

Australian Local Government

Launceston City Council Tasmania

Directory of Australasian Councils

Lismore City Council NSW

Australian Local Government Info Service --- Institute of Municipal Management

Logan City Council Queensland

Australian Local Government Info Network

Lower Murray Region Water Authority Victoria

NSW Local Government Directory

Mackay City Council Queensland

Miscellaneous Infrastructure

Maroochy Water Services Queensland

Australian Council for Infrastructure Development

MidCoast Water, Taree NSW

Utilicon - The Utility Forum Australia

Mudgee Shire Council NSW

Australian Infrastructure Report Card

North Coast Water, Clarence Valley NSW

Miscellaneous Government Water Organisations

North East Region Water Authority Victoria

Land & Water Australia

Portland Coast Region Water Authority Victoria

National Land and Water Resources Audit Australia

Queanbeyan City Council NSW

NSW Department of Land & Water Conservation

Redland Water Queensland

NSW Department of Commerce - ex Public Works and Services

Riverina Water County Council, Wagga NSW

Department of Natural Resources and Environment Victoria

Shoalhaven Water, Nowra NSW

Department of Natural Resources Queensland

South West Water Authority, Warrnambool Victoria

Department of Water Resources South Australia

SunWater, Queensland

Water & Rivers Commission Western Australia

Townsville CitiWater Queensland

Department of Primary Industries, Water & Environment Tasmania

Tweed Shire Council NSW

Department of Lands Planning and Environment Northern Territory

Western Water, Gisborne Victoria

Planning and Land Management Canberra ACT

Westernport Region Water Authority Victoria


Wide Bay Water, Hervey Bay Queensland

Australian Greenhouse Office

Wimmera Mallee Water Victoria


Wyong Shire Council NSW

Healthy Rivers Commission NSW



NZ Water & Wastewater Utilities

NZ Ministry for the Environment

Auckland City Water & Wastewater metrowater

NZ Ministry of Research Science & Technology

Auckland - wholesale water & wastewater Watercare


Christchurch City Council water & wastewater


Palmerston North City Council water & wastewater

OFWAT Office of Water Services UK Economic Regulator

Waitakere City Council EcoWater water wastewater stormwater


Wellington Regional Council wholesale water

South African Dept of Water

Wellington City Council water & sewerage



Australian and New Zealand Government Links

Australian & NZ Water Centres ... University & Research




CRC for Water Quality and Treatment

Federal Government Australia

CRC for Waste Management & Pollution Control

New South Wales Government

CRC for Freshwater Ecology -OR- Detailed Site

Victorian Government

Centre for Ecological Economics and Water Policy Research

Queensland Government

Centre for Groundwater Studies

South Australian Government

Advanced Waste Water Management Centre Qld

Western Australian Government

Centre for Water Research Univ of WA

Northern Territory Government

Water Studies Centre, Monash University

Australian Capital Territory Government Canberra

Centre for Water and Waste Technology UNSW

Tasmanian Government

Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies, ANU Canberra


CSIRO Land & Water - Rivers & Estuaries


CRC for Coastal Zone, Estuary and Waterway Management


CRC for Catchment Hydrology


List of all Co-operative Research Centres (CRC's)


Urban Groundwater Database


Water Research Cluster – Uni of Adelaide NEW



New Zealand



NZ Landcare Research **** Learning Page

New Zealand Government

NZ Env Science and Research


NZ Water and Atmospheric Research


NZ Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences



Environmental Education - Australia

Environmental Education - International

Water Education Network - Australian Water Association

NZAEE - New Zealand Association for Environmental Education

AAEE - Australian Association for Environmental Education

NAAEE - North American Association for Environmental Education

AAEE - South Australia

NAEE - National Association For Environmental Education (UK)

AAEE - Northern Territory

EEASA - Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa

Water~Learning and Living - the one-stop shop for South Australian educators to teach about water, catchments and biodiversity. On this site you will find teaching ideas, activities and contacts in over 30 different topic areas. NEW


Australian Water Conferences


 Ozwater 2005 Convention and Exhibition

The Australian Water Association's Federal Convention


Townsville, Queensland. May 5 7, 2005

Brisbane, Queensland. May 8 -12, 2005

 The SCADA WEB PAGE of Ian Wiese

includes Scada Gospel Email Group

International Conference on Water Sensitive Urban Design

Adelaide 21-25 November, 2004


Enviro 2004 Convention and Exhibition

Sydney, Australia : 28 March - 1 April, 2004


Ozwater 2003 Convention and Exhibition

Perth, Western Australia. April 6 - 10, 2003

SCADA - Technology and Business Training Course 

Dubai 26 - 30 April, 2003 and 17 -21 January, 2004

IWA World Water Congress with Enviro 2002

Melbourne, Australia : April 7 -12, 2002

A suite of environmental conferences and an exhibition

The European SCADA Conference

London, 11 - 13 February, 2003



For a full list of water industry events, go to AWA and click “Events”.








Australian Rainfall & Runoff / Runoff Quality Guidelines

WA Water Legislation

BASIX - Sustainability Assessment Tool for Buildings NSW Govt


Water Sensitive Urban Design (Sydney)


Water Sensitive Urban Design WSUD - Useful Links




US National Groundwater Association


Canada National WaterResearch Institute


NZ Drinking Water for New Zealand


Water OnLine USA




NZ Govt Report: Ageing Pipes




Planning for Sustainable Agriculture - Keyline designs – Ken Yeomans




 World Water Links


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