Consulting Services

David Hope & Associates

S       customised solutions and strategies for public utilities and their service providers

S       strategies for managing business & operational risk

S       operations, maintenance, renewal & new capital aspects

S       integrating business, people and technology aspects


Typical Applications

Strategic Planning

  • Integrated Asset Management Strategies for utility infrastructure
  • Water Resource Strategies
  • Strategies for individual asset management components: Operations, Maintenance & Capital Investment
  • Strategies for organisational change and restructuring
  • Strategies for deployment of resources (internal staff and contract)
  • Research, Development & Technology strategies

Business Planning

  • Business cases and justification for projects
  • Formulation of a Business Plan for the next budget or planning cycle

New Technology

  • Overall Plan for implementation of new technology
  • Studies to determine user needs and the details of the new technology needed to match Implementation Plans, including contracting strategy, user acceptance aspects, R & D strategy, training, handover details, resourcing and operation and maintenance plans

Technical and Engineering

  • Advise on all aspects of operation and maintenance in water and sewerage utilities


  • Preparation of Proposals
  • Preparation of Contract Documentation with emphasis on ensuring that client’s outcomes and objectives are met
  • Selection Panel chair / member


  • Assistance to Tenderers, by interpreting needs of the Principal, and providing tendering strategies to meet these needs

Project Management

  • Managing a technology or organisational change project

People Management

  • Design and implementation of organisational change programs
  • Management "locum" - short term management relief
  • Mentoring of a manager, team leader or a work group to assist through difficult or change periods
  • Production of Position Descriptions to ensure focus matches current business goals


  • Assistance with recruiting permanent or contract staff
  • External member of a staff selection panel
  • Management "locum" - short term management relief

Document Review

  • Review of reports, proposals or contract documents

General Assistance

  • Workshops – design, facilitate, report
  • Assistance in designing and implementing new systems and procedures
  • Analyse and solve problems
  • Expert external member of a Value Management Study or business planning workshop
  • Expert witness
  • Arrange people contacts in the Australian Water industry
  • Special Projects - requiring strategic and/or implementation and/or industry technology and business skills




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