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Friday, 4th May, 2007

The Northern Sydney Regional Council of P&C Associations has been formed under the auspices of the Federation of Parents and Citizens’ Associations of NSW. It is one of ten such Regions in NSW. The Regional Council operates under a standard Constitution.

The Regional Council meets once per school term, holds events such as training in operating a P&C, takes part in various regional committees, and provides advice and assistance to school P&C’s in the Region.

There is a Newsletter Email Group which parents of public school children are most welcome to join:

Join by email pc-nsregion-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Click here for the meeting dates and agendas

Click here for your School P&C Nomination Form for P&C Northern Sydney Region

Contact Us  pc-nsregion-owner@yahoogroups.com

Minister’s Reception at William Wilkins Gallery.

P&C Federation’s 2006 Annual Conference.

Alister Sharp (Regional P&C Secretary), Andrew Cappie-Wood (DET Director-General), Minister Carmel Tebbutt. Glen Wehrmann (P&C Federation Administrative Office), Kathy Greer, Dianne Giblin (P&C Federation President), David Hope (Regional P&C President).



Download the Journal in pdf

Term 4, 2006

Journal Crossword

Cryptic & Quick


This 48 Page Issue contains:


Ø      Annual Conference (cover + story)

Ø      Overweight Children

Dr Michael Booth

Ø      Cornerstones Conference

on public education

Ø      Opinion: Federal Funding

Jane Caro

Ø      Childcare: A better policy

Prof Barbara Pocock & Dr Elizabeth Hill

Ø      Student Reports – new changes

Ø      HSC: All my own work

Ø      Smoother transition to school

Ø      Procedurally Speaking

Role of the President – Sandra Skelly

Ø      Languages


Ø      Sports

Rugby in a US school changes lives

Ø      Talking Canteens

Ø      Arts Corner

Ø      Crossword (omitted due to space)

Ø      Various school features


….. and more


P&C Journal Crossword

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New Road Safety Measures

around schools announced by Minister Roozendaal

21 May, 2006


Tcard Holders- Important Message

Travel smartcard used by students for free travel to and from school on private buses.


Rock Eisteddfod for

Primary Schools




Asbestos in Schools


Foundation Statements – Primary Curriculum


DET’s Futures Project:

Excellence and Innovation Report released 13 Dec 05 … more


New:  “Success for Boys” Grants

First Round Awards Announced


Federal Minister releases Teaching Reading Report 8.12.05.. more


About the NSW P&C Federation….

What is the NSW P&C Federation?

Its full name is the Federation of Parents and Citizens' Associations of New South Wales, but it is more commonly known as the NSW Parents and Citizens' Federation, or more simply "P&C Federation".

The NSW P&C Federation is committed to a free public education system which is open to all people irrespective of culture, gender, academic ability and socio-economic class which empowers students to control their own lives and be contributing members of society.

This commitment is based on the belief that:

  • All people have the capacity to learn.
  • The NSW Government has prime responsibility to provide an education system which is free and secular and open to all.
  • Schools should be structured to meet the needs of individual students and should respect the knowledge those students bring to school and build on that knowledge to foster their understanding about the world.

Parents, as partners in the education process, have a right and a responsibility to play an active role in the education of their children. P&C Federation and its representatives share a responsibility of ensuring representative decision making for the benefit of all students.

Membership of the Federation is open to constituted parents' associations in all NSW government schools and to district councils of these associations. P&C Federation provides a range of services to its members, which include 2,100 school based parent organisations, as well as a large number of district and regional councils.

The Federation was established in 1922 and incorporated by an Act of the New South Wales Parliament in 1976. It operates at the national level through our affiliation with the Canberra based national parent organisation, the Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO).

From the Constitution:

The objectives of the Federation shall be:

(a)    To promote the cause of education and to facilitate community involvement in education.

(b)   To co-operate with the DET and all community agencies interested in furthering education.

(c)    To assist in the organisation of associations, district councils and regional councils and to assist any such association, district or regional councils by financial or other means in such circumstances and such manner as may seem proper to the association, district or regional council and the Federation.

(d)   To carry out research into the problems of education and to co-operate with other recognised groups to achieve more effective solutions to these problems.

(e)    To establish and expend funds both for the general conduct of the Federation and to enable the Federation to carry out its aims and objectives.

(f)     The Federation shall be non-sectarian and non-party political.


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