About the Series

Title (Jap Translit.)

Chuuka Ichiban!




Nippon Animation

First aired

27th April '97 (TV Tokyo?)

Episode Count


Chuuka Ichiban!, China's Best! or alternatively Cooking Master Boy is an anime set in dynasty China about a boy 'Mao' and his journeys. The story covers his road to 'Special Grade' Cook to his journey in search of the 'Legendary Cooking Utensils'. Of course he is joined by friends along the way. These characters are described in detail at the Bios Section.

What Does The Anime Contain?

         Plenty of one on one cooking tournaments. Most of the episodes are cooking tournaments. Though don't be disappointed by this: Every dish created is unique and is explained in intricate detail (Flame Of Recca style explanations).

         Lots of chopping,slicing,stirring etc! Think of anime action scenes with the flashy background and replace it with lightning fast cooking techniques!

What Doesn't This Anime Contain?

I'll use the miscellaneous info in an anime reveiw to show this: (Out of 5)

Violence - 1: The bare minimal. Except maybe for guy getting pushed against a wall or something. The chopping looks kinda violent though...
Perversion - 1/4: I'd say 0 but there's like one episode where Mao gets intimate with Meili. It's like the cleanest anime around I'd say!
Mecha - 1/4: There's a catapult in one of the episodes and some of the cooking techniques use physics.
Magic - 1: All cooking techniques are magic free! Except when they use the Legendary Cooking Utensils of course. But I doubt you could really taste the difference...
Seriousness - 3: Sometimes its funny but when a problem arises it usually gets pretty serious. No joking around when it comes to cooking showdowns.

Why Few Fansubs/sites?

Well if you look at the above stats you'll see that this anime is definately not for everyone. The closest anime to it is probably the one about collecting pets but I'd rather not say that. Also the anime is filled with Chinese cooking ingredients and methods which may be quite hard translate to English.


Want More Info?

I recommend these fansites if you want more detail on Cooking Master Boy:

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