Liu Mao Tsing
Age: 13
Mao is the main character of Cooking Master Boy. His mother (now deceased) was one of the greatest Special Grade Cook in China. He lives in Szechuan province with his sister Karin in a restraunt left by his mother. Mao is extremely hard-working when it comes to challenging other chefs in cooking tournaments. Despite his age, he is able to beat even the most skilled chefs due to his natural cooking talent.


Age: 16
Meiri is the daughter of Choyu and is Mao's friend and helper in cooking battles. Although older then Mao and much taller than him (!), she likes Mao very much and supports him through his entire journey.



Age: Pretty Old
The first Special Grade Cook Mao meets. He is the master chef at Yang's Spring Restraunt in Guangzhou and is very strict when it comes to food preperation. Choyu teaches Mao about cooking and prepares him for the Special Grade Cooking test. Most of the time Choyu is emotionless to show that he is a really tough guy! Choyu is usually there as a spectator in Mao's cooking tournaments later on in the seires.


Age: Very old!
The Master of Yang's Spring restraunt and a Special Grade Cook as well. Most of the time he just hangs around the restraunt drinking wine. He is very respected by Choyu and the other chefs. In episode 3 Ruoh gives Mao a hint on how to cook bakchoy by spilling his oil pot in the river. He also watches Mao's cooking tournaments along with Choyu.


General Lee
An expert on Chinese cuisine, he orders Mao to take the Special Grade Cooking test and to seek the Legendary Cooking Utensils. Once in a while, Mao bumps into him on his journeys and is always greeted warmly by General Lee.



Karin (Mao's sister)
Age: Older than Mao
Mao's older sister. For most of the series she is not seen because Mao leaves Szechuan.




Age: ??
Mao's arch rival. He used to work in Mao's mother's restraunt but left because he did not like how Mao's mother was so nice. He wears an eyepatch because when he got into an argument with Mao's mother, he accidently poured oil on himself, and burnt himself, and set the restruant on fire (which may have been how Mao's mother died). After losing to Mao in a cooking match, he runs away to join the 'Underground Cooking Society'.


Age: 12
Siro appears in
episode 14, starving to death in a forest. Like Mao, he wanted to come a special grade cook so he could help his mother's restraunt. He is in fact half Chinese and half Japanese (his mother is Japanese). Siro becomes Mao's disciple and follows him on his journey. He is very mischievous and enjoys teasing Meiri. :)


Age: ?(someone tell me!)
Shel is the Great Dessert Chef. The stick he is holding is his cooking tool. He uses it to press down the dumpling filling and to make the dough. The stars on his stick represent the victories he has had against other chefs. Shel challenges Mao to a dumping cooking match but is beaten and later on joins Mao on his journeys. I think he is actually English or American.


Age: ?(someone tell me!)
Leon was an assassin and member of the 'Underground Cooking Society'. He is a master of the 'Seven Star Knife' which he uses to carve and slice meat with. In a challenge against Mao he shows off his techniques by cutting up a large fish with his blades while Mao just uses a metal wire. Soon after being defeated in this challenge, he leaves the Underground Cooks and joins Mao.


Age: Older than Mao?
Like Mao, Sanche worked as an apprentice at the Silver Springs Restaurant. Seeing Mao's potential, at first he was jealous of him but quickly became friends with him when Mao helped him ease his fears of cutting (brought on by his father's strict cooking training on him). He joined Mao to battle the Underground to avenge his father.


Age: Older than Mao?
Fei is a talented young chef nearly being Mao's equal. Mao first meets him in the Special Chef tests and sees his extraordinary skills. Later on, for some reason Fei works for the Underground Society and in the final episodes must face off with Mao in a cooking tournament spectated (and judged) by the Emperor.