Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 'This is like the only english site on CMB! I am really grateful you have made this site!'
Ok ok, its not a question, but a get a lot of emails like this. Before I started this site, I was very frustrated that there were no CMB sites. So thats how I started this site because there were no other CMB sites out there. Well now there is another site: CMB HQ. So you can go there now! Hopefully some more people make CMB fan sites. If you do tell me!

Q. 'Why did Nippon Animation (creators of CMB anime) leave the series hanging at the end?'
I would like to know the answer to that one as well. But since it is already so long (52 episodes) they probably didn't have enough money to keep going or will continue it at a later date. The CMB manga however continues the story of how he gets the rest of the Cooking Utensils. I have not read the manga, but thats what I have heard.

Q. 'Where can I buy the manga and/or anime online?'
I did have a site for the manga but unfortunately I lost it :( You can buy the anime however from Taiseng Entertainment. I believe it is chinese subtitled and Japanese audio. If somebody finds more online sites which sell CMB please tell me!

Q. 'Are there CMB fansubs which I can download?'
Yes there are! But they are not fansubs, they are taken from AXN-Asia, a Cable channel which broadcasts in Asia (Hong Kong, Phillipines, Singapore Malaysia) These are in fact professional subtitles (in english). Unfortuantely the quality is not very good as they have been taken from a tape. I do not know where to download them exactly but if you use IRC often to download anime I'm sure you will be able to find it.

Q. 'Where did you watch CMB?'
In Australia (where I live)! There is a Chinese cable channel TVBJ and they showed CMB in Cantonese. I think this version is actually better than the AXN one (except thats its in Cantonese), in that the intros is different and is not 'censored' like the AXN one. I would like to show everyone but I didn't record it on tape :(