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 Cooking Master Boy Fansites

Cooking Master Boy! HQLike the 1st ever other CMB fansite I encountered! Chcck it out!

Chukka Ichiban ForeverGrowing CMB fansite with some nice looking CMB writing paper designs!

Ai Wo Kanjiru: Mao and Mei Li – Mao and Mei Li shrine! Fan fiction + All you ever wanted to know about Mao and Meili

CMB Fanlisting Site 

Adopt Chibi CMB CharactersAdopt your favourite CMB character right here!!!            

Welcome to Yosen Shuuka! – Newest CMB site out! More CMB detail than you can poke a stick with!


Cooking Master Boy Resource Websites


The website of the anime studio Nippon Animation. If you can read Japanese you can get a better description of characters in CMB here.


Kid Screen dot com article #1 - About the need for non-violent anime. Ie. CMB

Kid Screen dot com artcile #2 - "Japan's broadcasters fight for a fickle teen demo" hmm....


Tony Chen's Citadel –Friend’s site. He did most of the nice graphics for this site. Check it out!