26th April 2003
More episode summaries! Episode 36 now. Thanks again to Aileen! Before I forget here is a link to where you can download CMB episodes (I really should have done this a long time ago but I’m sure most people already knew) .

You need a special program called bittorent which you can download here.

20th March 2003
Episode summaries 24-27 up thanks to Aileen! There’s about 10 more summaries to go before the summary page is complete! Unless I start writing about the different cuisines in CMB I think that’ll be it for the site. Might make another anime site about a series which doesn’t have a complete enough of a website for it. I hope CMB Central has been as informative to all the fans as I hoped it would be (Without giving away too much so you can enjoy the anime). I think I may have said it before but after looking at anime series sites which don’t even say what the anime is about, I purposely made CMB Central to ensure people knew at least the basics of what CMB is about.

30th  November 2002
Summaries of episodes 37-47 are now up thanks to Mun Wai! I have to apologise since he did give me them on the same day as the last update and it took me til now to do it. Anyhow unless this is the only CMB site you go to, you’d notice that CMB fansubs have been out for a long time! Which is pretty amazing considering CMB is so old and such.

7th November 2002
Its been a while since I’ve put news and stuff and unfortunately its bad news…: I can’t streambeam anymore! I must of streambeamed to hundreds of people by now so the interne should now be filled with CMB songs – which was my objective. So I leave it to you to find CMB songs now!

3rd July 2002
Some die hard CMB fans have happily told me that CMB HQ has in fact moved to here and not disappeared. This means the forum has also moved to here. Sorry about all the confusion! Also final episode 52 summary is now available thanks to Heng! If you haven’t watched it yet, I suggest you don’t read it since it will just spoil the whole series for you. Sawa, who regularly chats in the CMB forums was also kind enough to give me pictures of Fei and Sanche for the bios section.  In return I’m more than happy to link to her sites:

CMB Fanlisting Site                         Adopt Chibi CMB Characters

Welcome to Yosen Shuuka! (Sawa’s CMB site)


1st July 2002
Since now I have time after tests and all, I can update just a tiny bit more. Added Sanche and Feiyi in the bios section, though I still need pictures of them. And added a summary of episode 35. Still need summaries for episodes 19,21,24-31,33,36-52 so don’t hesitate to email me with the summaries I’ll gladly accept them! Also I think the other Cooking Master Boy site, CMB HQ died…. Which also means I need to find a FORUM! So if anyone knows of a good place to get a free forum tell me!!!!!

7th June 2002
And another very rare update! Maybe its coz more people have started coming here (around 600 new hits per week now). Anyhow, there are finally some CMB TV openings for download in the multimedia section. Also episode 34 summary up.

4th June 2002
An update! I felt a need to direct all you CMB fans to a  new forum (after the one I used forced me to pay or close it). Also CMB episode summaries for episode 22 and episode 23 at the episode guide section.