hair// cyber punk foam/plastic/heatshrink explosion
victim// zoog
materials// foam sheeting, heatshrinks, 2mm and 4mm plastic tubing in black and clear, ouchless elastics, chrome silver spray paint, permaset screen printing ink. (
circuit board prints were screenprinted on the foam sheets and some sheets were spray painted silver)
time// 4 hours braiding in time. 4ish hours for spray painting, screen printing and assembling the spikes.

finished mohawk// front side view

//other front side view

//side view

the hairstyle was originally intended to be only a mohawk, but after playing around a bit we found we could style it into other forms of BIG HAIR.
//semi-pigtails. sorta 'sonic the hedgehog'
//attempt at a bi-hawk. i call this the 'flower pot' style

//closeup shots

//two strips of foam were folded in half and tied together using ouchless elastics. plastic was threaded through the loop created by the fold and braided into the smallish sections. the braid was secured with heatshrink tubing.

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