Dutton Bay Tramway
Dutton Bay Tramway logo This page will provide links to all the information about the ongoing construction of the Dutton Bay Tramway permanent layout.


The Trackplan
Modified L-Girder Benchwork
Planning for Warunda dual-gauge yard
Plan for the Wepowie passenger shelter
The design of the fiddle yard
Photos of progress on the staging yard and the backdrop
Trials of different lights
Discussion of Track
Photos of the Interim Arrangement
The Saltpan revamp
Planning and building Wirrandra
Can't see the Wanilla Forest for the trees!
River Dutton - the "big bridge"
Anunaka changes
The First Train over the re-opened line
Changes to the Kelvin Control Panel
Operating on the Dutton Bay
West End Hill progress
Suppliers of Styrofoam and Casting Material
Monitor Progress of the Dutton Bay permanent layout

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Last Modified 21-Jun-04