Dutton Bay Tramway Exhibition Track Plan

This is the "exhibition" trackplan of the DBT. When first built by Peter and shown in 1988 the layout consisted of the two Anunaka station boards and the "Corner" board leading to the fiddle yard. By Brisbane in 1997 the "Saltpan" board had been added, located between Anunaka and Corner. Finally the four boards of Kelvin were incorporated, extending the layout to the size shown here, and first shown at Liverpool, 1998. The plan for the permanent layout, currently under construction, can be seen here. You can also see the timetables we used with the layout as shown here.
For information, the length of the Anunaka side of the layout is 5.2 metres (17 feet) and the Kelvin side extends 4.2 metres (almost 14 feet).

Last updated 20-Feb-99

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