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The long delayed push into weathering the Dutton Bay rolling stock has finally begun. Initial I am testing the use of pastels to replicate the dust of the salt and gypsum loading area. The first item, still unsealed, is photographed below alongside an unweathered wagon from the same batch, painted the same shade of grey

Above we see another couple of examples. These are very cruel photos, being quite close to the subject, and from this close the results tend to look dusty rather than faded. However, the images show the difference between similar untreated cars, and also show the handrails and door handles applied
The two "long" VB vans, the nearer one obviously having had the treatment. You can also see the difference that painting the wheels makes.

Kelvin Gypsum Bins given the Treatment - 3 November 2004

Objects other than rolling stock are being weathered. Here you can see the gypsum loading bins at Kelvin after weathering. THe two images below show one weathered and one non-weathered bin (it looks like the non-weathered bin has been knocked out of alignment during the process) which demonstrate the difference some chalks can make.

Last updated 03-Nov-04

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