West End Hill

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The connecting or bridging section between Kelvin and the Fiddle Yard has long been unnamed, and the only thing between the railhead and the concrete floor was blue styrofoam. During November 2002 both deficiencies were rectified.

  • The foam was shaped, and has now been given the "sandpaper" treatment: a coat of paint and a sprinkling of finely sieved dirt. The adding of something to cover the dirt will come next.
  • The name West End Hill is a little tongue-in-cheek,, combining entities from North Side Hill, the climb away from sea level at Port Lincoln, and the favourite beer of the locals, West End Draught.

    West End Hill - bare dirt - 15 November 02

    There is a "hill" here. The track climbs a short, steep grade. And the landscape definitely shows signs of a hill. The track runs through a cutting, and the plan is for some trees (gasp!!) to hide the view of trains appearing through the backdrop. One day....

    West End Hill - Ground Cover added - 7 February 2003

    On the evening of Feb 6, Chris and I added the ground cover to West End Hill, using the "Dennis & Son" technique developed on the River Dutton module. It does look a lot better than the sandpaper previously found here...

    West End Hill has Trees - 3 November 2004

    As part of a project to add trees to the layout, West End Hill has received it's allotment. Here you can see how the trees hide (to some extent) the hole in the sky which has always dominated the scene from this viewpoint.

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