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No Meeting in April
as it will be Good Friday

Walk Against Want 2006

The 40th Walk Against Want which was the last national walk was held on March 5th on a lovely sunny day. Our local Diamond Valley walk was a successful occasion, although we were hoping for more walkers. Approximately 120 people participated in the walk and we estimated we raised approximately $7,000.

One dog visited the water bowl on check point 1 and the only visitor to the water dish on check point 3 was a Magpie.

Last Minute Change at
March Meeting

Unfortunately our speaker for the March meeting was not able to attend. At her suggestion we contacted Australian Volunteers International and made contact with a young 22 year old law student by the name of Ed Cameron, who had spent 3 months in India at the beginning of last year with the AVI Youth Program.

Ed was most inspiring and enthusiastic about his time at Gram Vikas in Orissa in North East India--an area visited by our own study group in January. He was delighted to meet people who knew the area. We were lucky to get such a great replacement speaker at such short notice.

We have available copies of an excellent Video CD made by the Gram Vikas people of development work by that organization.  If you would like a copy of the video CD, you can contact John on 9434 6882 or Beth on 9439 1716.

Children In Focus
Thurday April 20th 6:00PM
Frank Engel Room at AVI
88 Kerr St Fitzroy.

This is the art exhibition Ed was telling us about at our last meeting of children's art work from Gram Vikas and the Philippines. It contains a photo exhibition, children's art and a silent auction. Please support this if you possibly can.

Book Fair Update
Sat October 14th

A date has been set for this years book fair, Saturday October 14th 2006. The venue will again be the Eltham Seniors Citizens. We will be setting up on Friday October 13th which would normally be our meeting night. The collection is already growing, so  encourage all your friends and relatives to make more donations.

People wanting to deposit books will have to contact Stephen (9439-2063) or Beth (9439-1716) as they are the only people with keys.

We will not be asking Library Staff to open up for us !

Winter Solstice Event

We are going ahead with the idea of holding a bush dance. Several people have put up their hands to go on a committee with Ruth Seidler and she will be contacting those people as of tonight (5th April). I others have suggestions, or which to be involved, please contact Ruth on 9439 2063.

Thanks to Steve Herbert's office for printing.