Electronic Editorials
Electronic Editorials
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About us
Electronic Editorials (NSW) is a GST registered company.
Our skills include:

MIDI piano music
see our website at www.petersmidi.com

design and development of innovative products. 

Technical writing training manuals, user manuals, technical articles etc for any technology area, in a range of formats (text, MS Powerpoint, website, on-line documents etc.)

Education specialising in VET, we develop training resources and CBT curriculum from Training Packages, along with a range of other related services.

Our backgrounds
Warwick Moriarty
is a qualified practitioner of the Alexander Technique, and also a certified Midwife. Lessons available at Padstow (near Bankstown NSW). Registered with most health funds and fully insured.

Peter Phillips was a columnist and regular contributor to the magazine Electronics Australia, and has written five text books on electrical theory. A TAFE teacher for 20 years (electronics), Peter's interests also include Rover cars, pianos and music.