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Alexander Technique
What is it?
The Alexander Technique teaches us to become conscious of the way we use our body in our daily lives.

The basis of the Technique is Alexander's discovery that a certain dynamic relationship of the head, neck and torso is the main factor in determining the most efficient use and functioning of the body.

As we become more aware of this dynamic balance, we can begin to change habitual patterns of movement which are stressful to us.

Who is it for?
People with posture-related discomfort, such as back and neck pain, tension and stress can learn to alleviate, and in many cases eliminate these conditions.

Health conscious people will increase their awareness of themselves, and improve their body's everyday use.

Sports people and performing artists can discover new ways of enhancing their coordination and control.

Warwick Moriarty

Is a qualified practitioner of the Alexander Technique, and also a certified Midwife. Lessons available at Padstow (near Bankstown NSW). Registered with most health funds and fully insured