North Shore Orchid Society Inc.
North Shore Orchid Society Inc.

Information for new members

The North Shore Orchid Society is one of the premier orchid societies of Sydney and was formed to educate and encourage its members, and the public, in a better understanding and appreciating of all orchids. We encourage discussion between members at our regular monthly meetings and during our other events throughout the year.

Monthly Meeting 8:00pm

1st Wednesday of each month

The Dougherty Centre

7 Victor Street, Chatswood.

At each meeting, members "bench" orchids in flower in appropriate classes for judging and for the appreciation of all assembled. Points are awarded for first, second and third in each class. In addition, prizes are awarded for the "Judges Choice" (Novice and Open sections), and a "Popular Vote" is decided by all present.

Before each meeting usually at 7:30pm a culture class is held and all members, especially novices, are invited to attend.

At each meeting there is a raffle for quality prizes; and supper, tea or coffee and cakes, is served at no charge.

Activities and Benefits of the Society
Guest Speakers
The guest speaker program is an important part of our activities, encompassing a multitude of subjects connected with orchids. Interesting and authoritative speakers talk on subjects that include the latest in controlling pests, growing methods, managing a collection or their own personal approach to orchid growing. Often slides of many unique and beautiful orchids are shown, along with information on them.

An extensive and comprehensive Library is available to members, free of charge, on a month by month basis. This is a great reference source that costs you nothing.

Plant Sales
A plant sales table at the meetings enables you to purchase plants at reasonable prices and often becomes a social centre where members, as usual, discuss orchids and what's new.

At least once a year we hold a plant 'Auction' allowing members to sell their excess orchids. Usually a great variety of orchids are sold, and it is often a good opportunity to enlarge your collection at advantageous prices. Lately there has been great demand for species orchids and astute buyers snap these up at well below 'market' value.

The Society holds shows at Shopping Centres like Gordon and St Ives, and participates in Shows organised by the Orchid Society of NSW. As well as this we have a major show in the Council Chambers in Chatswood as part of the Willoughby City Street Fair. One of our premier events, in combination with three other local Societies, is the St Ives Orchid Fair. This is the premier show on the Sydney orchid scene. All members are asked to participate in these events, for without them there would be no shows. It is also a wonderful way to meet and make new friends within the Society. Once again these shows allow members to sell their excess plants, and for the winners sashes and prizes are awarded at each show.

Christmas Party
The points awarded each month accumulate through the year towards the Annual Points Score Competition. The "benching" is divided into three sections Open, Intermediate, and Novice. If you do not qualify as an Intermediate or Novice, you then exhibit in the Open section.
The prizes for the Annual Pointscore Competition are presented at our Christmas Party, which is far and away one of the best in Sydney. Usually a three course meal and drinks all at no charge to members.

We hope that you will visit us and that the above information will help you join into the activities of the North Shore Orchid Society Inc.


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