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Australian Scanner Sites



All links verified 26th April 2009



***Not Working*** Scanner Shack  Based in Melbourne Victoria this website looks as though it is one of the better up and coming websites for scanner /shortwave listeners. Just a quick peek around looks like it has a lot of potential as it is still under construction please have a look around, I know I'll be stopping in regularly for a squiz.

Rochedale Scan  A forum site that is devoted to scanning and online scanners. Well worth a look, go check it out.

Scanner Live Streaming At Gippsland Technology Centre. Live police, ambulance, cfa, ses and local taxi's. As yet not a 24 hour service. Looks like a very well laid out site. Visitors should have a peek at this site to see if the scanners are running.

Australian Scanning Encyclopedia Not updated anymore but good for reference Ashley Geelans Australian frequency site with lots of information for the Australian scanner user.

V8 Supercars Site For the Aussies a great website for Mt. Panorama frequencies and information regarding the V8 supercars. Definitely well worth a visit for the V8 race enthusiast.

Australian Radio Frequency Allocations Allocations for Police, Fire, Ambulance services mainly NSW and ACT. Also some Australia wide allocations.

S.A Scanner Monitoring South Australian scanner frequencies and information.


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