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Since March 2000 I, along with three million other computer users, have been part of the largest cooperative scientific project in existence. We are part of the SETI@home project, where a 340 kb block of data is downloaded from the internet and "crunched" by a program on our computer provided by the same site. The data involved is acquired by SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestial Intelligence) group from the Arecibo radio telescope in South America. Millions of radio frequencies are scanned for anomalous signals that may or may not be an alien sitcom.

The program in question is a "screensaver", the idea being that when your computer is not actually working for you, it will be searching for LGM (Little Green Men). The program is processor intensive and occupies about 16 meg of ram, but while it is in "screensaver" mode it tends to take longer to process the data. I have found that I can run it all the time in the background, with the the screensaver set as "none" and it improves processing times by 50%, I also run the computer day and night with the monitor off when not using it.

In March 2001 a group was formed called "Fellowship of Light" so that our combined totals will enable us to become "visible" in the statistics and earn some recognition. The name is derived from some friendly rivalry with a friend around our SETI totals... we refer to him as the Dark Lord, ergo... Fellowship of Light. If you would like to be involved in this project, and join the "Fellowship of Light", or for that matter any other group, click on the link below and sign-up with SETI@home.


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