Venetian Brass features the period instruments Cornetts and Sackbuts, which have a unique and very attractive sound (more vocal– not as strident as modern brass). Also featured are; Violin (interchangeable with cornett), Shawm (early oboe), Dulcian(Bassoon), Percussion and Voice. Others include, Recorder, Crumhorn, Viol, Lute and 3-hole pipe.
Venetian Brass is distinguished from modern groups primarily by the sackbuts and the:–
Cornett (Italian- ‘cornetto’), developed in the C15th to its present form from animal horns, is a hybrid with a trumpet-like mouthpiece, and a conical, leather-covered (bent) wood tube, fingered like a G alto recorder.
Closest to the Renaissance ideal, the human voice, it was the most highly regarded (and paid!) virtuoso instrument. Much splendid sacred and secular music (by e.g. Gabrieli, Monteverdi) involved cornetts and sackbuts.
Sackbut (French ‘saquebout’–push-pull) is the term often used to distinguish the period instrument from the modern trombone. Invented in the late 1400s, Italians have always called them Tromboni. Sackbuts have a small bell, very thin metal, and a narrow bore, but otherwise are essentially the same as modern instruments, however the sound is lighter and brighter.

Lieto Godea: Giovanni Gabrieli

Ave Maria Mp3

The Fairy Round: Holborne Mp3

La Fiorentina: Viadana Mp3

O Magnum Mysterium: Giovanni Gabrieli Mp3

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