General Films

So we now have a Paul Newman Dayton and the James Bond Submariner named after a movie actor and a motion picture, which wristwatch will be next? Listed below are general movies where watches appear. My criteria for this category is that a wristwatch is clearly seen, mentioned, referred to or commonly known what actor wears what watch. This has become easier in today's world of the freeze frame on VCRs and especially laser disc and DVD. I've eliminated digital wristwatches unless it is important to the script or it compliments the movie with humour, etc. For example take the film Planes, Trains And Automobiles where Steve Martin's gold Piaget is contrasted by John Candy's Casio. Movies made in the 30s and 40s occasionally showed close ups of wristwatches. Most of these watches, however, did not bear any name nor signature of the manufacturer.

  Obviously some watches are very easy to identify i.e.. Rolex Oyster Perpetuals or Audemars Piguet Royal Oaks, but there are probably hundreds of watches that appear on screen which can't be identified. Jewellery watches would fit into this category. Watches made by Bertolucci, Bvlgari , Cartier, Chaumet, Concord, Piaget, Rolex Cellini, Tiffany & Co., Vacheron Constantin, Van Cleef & Arpels, etc. are usually hard to distinguish from each other at a distance. The movie Casino in its credits lists Bvlgari as the supplier of jewellery in the film. One can presume that the gold watch worn by Robert DeNiro is a Bvlgari. Film credits have come a long way in the motion picture industry. Rolex, Seiko and Omega have all been listed in the James Bond movie credits and with today's trend of product placement in films, it will be easier to identify watches on actor's wrists.

Above Us The Waves (1956) - Good close-ups of a Jaeger Le Coultre Reverso which John Mills constantly plays with.  "For Heaven's sake, stop fiddling with that infernal watch!"

Absolute Power (1996) - A close-up of a Swiss Army watch. Eastwood also wears a stainless steel Rolex Datejust.

After Hours (1985) - A close-up of a Hamilton Khaki worn by Griffin Dunne

Airport '77 (1977) - There's a close-up of  a Hamilton chronograph.

Always (1989) - Richard Dreyfuss wears an Omega Speedmaster Professional l.  Brad Johnson and John Goodman wear Breitling Navitimers.

Anthony Zimmer (2005) - A close-up of an IWC Portuguese Chronograph which has "Anthony Zimmer" engraved on the back.

Apollo 13 (1995) - Omega Speedmaster Professionals. Did anybody see any GMTs?

Arabesque (1966) - There's a close-up of an Evertime watch with date.

Appartement, L’ (1996) - Close-ups of a stainless steel Jaeger Le Coultre Reverso and a gold Piaget. Film credits Cartier & Piaget.

Bank Job, The (2007) - Medium close-up of a TAG Heuer Monaco.

Barton Fink (1991) - A close-up of  tornneau shaped Elgin worn by John Turturro.

Batman Forever (1995) - A Jaeger Le Coultre Reverso which doubles as a miniature T.V. screen worn by Val Kilmer.  Tommy Lee Jones wears an Oris Big Crown.  

Beverly Hills Cop II
(1984) - Patek Philippe.  "Geez, look at that watch.  Is that a Patek Philippe?"

Bitter Moon (1992) - Peter Coyote wears a Jaeger Le Coultre Reverso .  Film credits Jaeger Le Coultre.

Beyond The Sea (2004) - A gold Breitling two-register chronograph is seen throughout the movie.

Blue Hawaii (1961) - Elvis wears a Hamilton Ventura with a black dial.

Bobby Deerfield (1977) - Al Pacino plays a racing car driver.  He wears a chunky Seiko chronograph throughout the movie.  His character does a T.V. commerial for Seiko in the film.

Body Heat (1982) - There's an extreme close-up of a Caravelle Automatic.

Bone Collector (1999) - There's a close-up of a TAG Heuer Kirium worn by Ed O'Neil.

Branded To Kill (Koroshi No Rakuin) (1967) - Two good close-ups of an Omega Seamaster DeVille with date and matching bracelet worn by Jo Shishido.

Broken Arrow (1996) - Breitling Aerospace worn by John Travolta.

Cercle rouge. Le (1970) - Here is another Jean-Pierre Melville film where a wristwatch appears.  This time we see a platinum square Cartier with a black dial.  It's worn on the right wrist of Alain Delon with its dial face-down as in Le Samourai.  (See also Un Flic and Bob le flameur).

Clockstoppers (2002) - A Tissot world timer and a Fortis Spacematic are seen at the opening titles.  Story about a wristwatch that freezes time.

Cobra (1986) - TAG Heuer worn by Sly Stallone.

Corruptor, The (1999) - Chow Yum Fat wears an Omega Speedmaster Professional.

Countdown (1967) - Omega Speedmaster worn by the American Astronaut.

Crew, The (2000) - Dan Hedaya wears a Rolex Day-Date which Burt Reynolds smashes to pieces.  A steel and gold Cartier Santos is put on the wrist of a skeleton.

Daylight (1996) - A Luminor Panerai worn on the right wrist of Stallone. Film credits TAG Heuer, Seiko, Casio and Bulova watches.

Dead Ringers (1988) - A shot of a gold Longines watch with expandable bracelet lying on a bed side table owned by Jeremy Irons or was it his twin?

Deep End Of The Ocean (1999) - Omega Seamaster worn by Michelle Pfeiffer.

Destination Tokyo (1943) - Good close-ups of three different watches.  Firstly, a Memotel chronograph.  Then another chronograph with registers at 12 & 6.  Lastly, a close-up of Cary Grant's watch which looks like a bubble back and has the word "antimagnetic" around the sub seconds register.

Dial M For Murder (1981) - In this made for T.V. re-make, there's two close-ups of Christopher Plummer's watch which is a must de Cartier tank.  The would-be assassin's watch is round Omega with date.  (See Dial M For Murder in the unamed watch section.)

Die Hard (1988) - Rolex worn by the actress who plays Bruce Willis’ wife.

Die Hard 2 (1990) - Good close-ups of TAG Heuer Chronographs.

Die Hard 3 With A Vengeance (1995) - Breitling Chronomat Longitude (?) worn by Willis.

Disclosure (1994) - Extreme close-up of a TAG Heuer 2000 Quartz worn by Michael Douglas. Demi Moore wears a Patek Philippe Nautilus .

Don't Say A Word (2001) - A close-up of Sean Bean adjusting his Swiss Army watch.

Dumb & Dumber (1994) - A close-up of a Casino Alarm/Chronograph with analog dial and LCD month & date worn by Jim Carey.

Edge, The (1997) - A nice shot of an Omega Seamaster Chronograph Chronometer seen at the end of the movie.

8mm (1999) - Nicholas Cage wears an Oris chronograph.

End Of Days (1999) -  Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Enemy Of The State (1998) - Omega De Ville worn by Will Smith and an Omega Speedmaster worn by Gene Hackman.

Entrapment (1999) - Sean Connery wears a Zenith El Primero Class 4 as well as a Casio G-Shock.  An IWC Portuguese Chronograph is worn by Ving Rhames.

Eraser (1996) - Luminor Panerai Marina is seen in the opening titles. Its crown is locked into place. This watch is worn by Schwarzenegger.

Event Horizon (1997) - Omega Speedmaster floating inside a spacecraft. Film credits Omega Watches.

Executive Decision (1996) - Kurt Russell wears a Bvlgari sports diving watch.

Exit Wounds (2001) - Close-up of a Luminor Panerai Marina.

Falling Down (1993) - An extreme close-up of Michael Douglas’ watch, a Lorus.

Fathom (1967) - Breitling Co Pilot worn by Raquel Welch.

The Favour, The Watch and the Big Fish (1991) - The "watch" in the title is a gold Jaeger Le Coultre Reverso and ends up being worn by Bob Hoskins. In real life the watch was given to the director of the film, Ben Lewin. (See Lucky Break also directed by Ben Lewin).

Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) - Close up of a must de Cartier.

15 Minutes (2001) - DeNiro wears a stainless steel Rolex Cosmograph Daytona.  "There's blood all over your watch".  Kelsey Grammer wears a Jaeger Le Coultre Reverso with a stainless steel braclet.  A gold Rolex Day-Date is also seen.

Firewall (2006) - A close-up of an IWC Mark XV worn by Harrison Ford.

Force 10 From Navarone
(1978) - Close-ups of Hamilton military watches worn by Harrison Ford and Robert Shaw.

44 Minutes (2003) - There's a close-up of a Rolex Submariner with date.  Also there's a few close-ups of a Giopini watch.

Fugitive, The (1993) - Harrison Ford wears a gold Jaeger Le Coultre Reverso in the first part of the film.

Gambit (1966) - An extreme close-up of a Croton watch.

Game, The (1997) - Michael Douglas wears a Cartier (tank?) which has Arabic numerals and a seconds sub-dial at 6 o’clock. Inscribed on the back it says "On Your Birthday Your Father’s Watch Love Mother".

Getaway, The (1972) - A good film for watches. A close-up of a stainless steel Heuer Chronograph. Steve McQueen wears a Gruen Precision on his right wrist and Ali MacGraw wears a Caravelle water resistant watch.

Gift, The (2000) - There's a close-up of a ladies Omega Constellation.

Godzilla (1998) - A close-up of a Swatch Irony. Swatch advertisements are also seen.

Gotti (1996) - Good shots of an Omega Speedmaster Professional , a steel and gold Rolex Datejust with Jubilee bracelet and white dial and one with black dial.

Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery, The  (1966) - There are close-ups of three watches at the start of the film.  One of them is an Omega Speedmaster.

Guns Of Navarone, The (1961) - Two close-ups of a Gruen Precision worn by Gregory Peck.

Head Above Water (1996) - A good shot of an Alain Silberstein Krono which is picked up by Harvey Keitel.  In the film the watch plays an electronic tune.

Heat (1996) - A Bvlgari Chronograph worn by Al Pacino.

Heist (2001) - A close-up of a vintage military Omega with a black dial and sub seconds worn by Gene Hackman.

Heroes Of Telemark, The (1965) - Three close-ups of a Depnex watch worn by Kirk Douglas.

Hindenburg, The (1975) - There are many close-ups of a Cyma watch worn by George C. Scott.  There are also shots of unnamed watches, especially the watch used in the time bomb.

Hors de Prix (Priceless) (2006) - Great shots of a white gold Jaeger  Le Coultre Master Compressor.

Hot Spot, The (1990) - Several close-ups of a Fossil watch worn by Don Johnson.

How To Lose Friends & Alienate People (2008) - Simon Pegg wears an Omega Speedmaster Professional at the start of the film.  "This an Omega Speedmaster Pro that I'm wearing".  There is also a close-up of an Omega Seamaster Professional in an Omega box.  The film credits Omega.

How To Steal A Million (1966) - A medium close-up of a Cartier Tank worn by the beautiful Audrey Hepburn.

Jaws (1975) - A Rolex Submariner and an unknown diving watch (Omega?) worn by Richard Dreyfuss.

Jerry Maguire (1996) - Tom Cruise wears a TAG Heuer S/el Chronograph.

Kennedy et Moi (1999) - Another great watch movie.  The watch in question is a Hamilton, a current model with a sapphire back.  It is supposed to be the watch that President Kennedy was wearing in Dallas on the day of his assassination.

King of the Hill (1993) - Set in 1933, a young boy's father gets a job for the Hamilton Watch Co.  There's a good shot of a samples case containing pocket and wrist watches.  The Hamilton logo is quite predominant.

King Rat (1965) - Omega traded by George Segal.

L.A. Confidential (1997) - Spacey wears a Bulova while Guy Pearce wears a Rolex Oyster.

Ladykillers, The (1955) - A beautiful close-up of a white dial Tissot chronograph worn by Alec Guinness.

Last Of Sheila (1973) - There is a medium close-up of an Omega Speedmaster Professional Mark II worn by James Coburn.

League of Gentlemen, The (1960) - A great heist movie that has two good close-ups of a Jaeger  Le Coultre worn by Jack Hawkins.  A close-up of a Smiths wristwatch is also seen.

Le Mans (1971) - A Heuer Monaco worn on the right wrist of Steve McQueen.

Less Than Zero (1987) - Rado watches are worn by the majority of the cast. Film credits Rado Watches Co.

Lethal Weapon 4 (1999) - A Hamilton American Classic which is given to a Chinese immigrant by Danny Glover.

Lifeboat (1943) - Patek Phillipe. When it’s suggested that her watch is slow, Tallulah Bankhead retorts, "Slow? That’s a Phillipe Patek!".
Lola Rennt (Run Lola Run)
(1998) - Extreme close-up of Junghans quartz watch.  Film credits Junghans Uhren GMBH.

Lost Souls (1999) - Oris Classic Skeleton worn by Ben Chaplin.

Lucky Break a.k.a. Paperback Romance (1994) - A rose gold Jaeger Le Coultre Reverso, the price of which is haggled.Four other watches are shown in a satchel, one of them being a perpetual calendar. Film credits Jaeger Le Coultre. (Also see The Favour, The Watch and the Big Fish).

Lucky Number Slevin (2006) - A few close-ups of a stainless steel  IWC Aquatimer chronograph.  A vintage unnamed wristwatch is also seen throughout the movie.

Man Who Wasn't There, The (2001) - A close-up of an Elgin worn by Billy Bob Thornton.

Men In Black (1997) - Hamilton Venturas (re-issues). Film credits Hamilton watches.

Mindhunters (2004) - There are close-ups of  Diesel and Adidas watches.  There are numerous broken wristwatches shown throughout the movie.

Minority Report (2002) - A futuristic watch made by Bvlgari and an Omega X-33.

Mirage (1965) - An extreme close-up of a Juvenia watch worn by Gregory Peck.

Mission: Impossible (1996) - Jon Voight wears a steel and gold Bvlgari Scuba chronometer.

Mosquito Coast, The (1986) - Harrison Ford gives his stainless steel Omega Seamaster with date to Conrad Roberts.  He, in turn, trades the watch for a boat which he names Omega.

Murder At 1600 (1997) - A close-up of a Raymond Weil W1 chronograph and a nice shot of a Raymond Weil Parsifal worn by Alan Alda.

My Fellow Americans (1996) - Jack Lemmon plays an ex-American President.  He wears an Omega Constellation.  He uses the watch as payment for a ride.  "That's a Constellation!  It was given to me by Gorbachev!

Naked Runner, The (1967) - This is another great watch movie.  There are numerous close-ups of Frank Sinatra's gold watch, an "Evertime".  His watch becomes part of the plot or at least his watch strap does.  There are also two extreme close-ups of a Breitling Top Time.  The sound of a ticking watch is used in the sountrack to great effect.  Highly recommended.

Nick Of Time (1995) - Johnny Depp wears a Seiko Quartz. A Bvlgari chronograph is also shown on screen.

North Sea Hijack (1975) - Roger Moore wears a Rolex Submariner and a Seiko Quartz Professional Diver. Anthony Perkins wears an Omega Speedmaster(?).

One Night at McCool's (2001) - Having his Swatch stolen, Matt Dillon steals a two-tone Rolex Datejust.

Operation Crossbow (1965) - There's a close-up of a Doxa watch worn by a German Officer.  There's also a close-up of a watch worn by George Peppard.

Pelican Brief, The (1993) - A close-up of TAG-Heuer 2000 chronograph.

Perfect Son, The (2000) - A nice shot of a vintage stainless steel automatic IWC.

Pink Floyd: The Wall (1982) - An extreme close-up of a tonneau-shaped Ingersoll Mickey Mouse watch worn by the character Pink played by Bob Geldorf.  This watch is also heard ticking.  It is one of the first Mickey Mouse watches, having the trade mark W.D. Ent.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987) - A Piaget which Steve Martin uses as part payment for a motel room. Martin: "I have $17 and a helluva watch". Candy: "I have $2 and a Casio".

Pledge, The (2001) - A close-up of a gold Bell & Ross worn by Jack Nicholson.

Pulp Fiction (1994) - The movie is divided into five chapters.  Chapter 3 is titled, The Gold Watch.  The watch itself is an old gold Rolex given to a little boy by Christopher Walken and worn by Bruce Willis.  There's also a close-up of a black-faced Gucci watch worn by Harvey Keitel.

Quick Change (1990) - This is a great watch in movie scene. Bill Murray dressed as a clown, holds up a New York bank and takes hostages. One of the hostages offers Murray a gold Audemars Piguet perpetual calendar with moonphase. "It costs $12,000 and it appreciates everyday." Murray refuses the watch as a gift but buys the watch for $300 and trades his Timex with a Speidel band. The same watch appears in Scrooged. There’s also close-up of a Orbitex Anti Magnetic watch.

Randon Hearts (1999) - Harrison Ford wears an Oris Classic Pointer .

Ransom a.k.a. Maniac (1977) - Incorrectly stated as an Omega Flightmaster by May 1995 British Edition of Esquire. It is in fact an Omega Speedmaster Mk.II which is worn by the four hi-jackers and becomes an important part of the movie.

Ransom (1996) - Mel Gibson wears a Breitling Aviastar(?). There's also a close-up of a stainless steel Jaeger Le Coultre Reverso worn by Rene Russo.

Rear Window (1954) - A close-up of James Stewart’s stainless steel Tissot.

Recruit, The (2003) - Collin Farrell wears a TAG Heuer Kirium F1 and Al Pacino wear a Tutima Classic Fliegerchronograph.

Right Stuff, The (1983) - Omega Speedmaster.

Ronin (1998) - DeNiro wears an Omega Speedmaster Professional with strap.

Runner, The (1999) - There's a good shot of a steel and gold Cartier Tank Francaise worn by John Goodman.

Saint, The (1997) - Kilmer wears a Bvlgari Chronograph.

Samourai, Le (The Samurai) (1967) - A Baume & Mercier worn on the right wrist of Alain Delon with its dial face-down.

Scrooged (1988) - A close-up of a gold Audemars Piguet perpetual calendar with moonphase worn by Bill Murray.

Seven Days In May (1964) - A close-up of a Bulova Accutron Astronaut worn by Kirk Douglas.

Seven Years In Tibet (1997) - A Gold Omega Chronograph.

Shadow Conspiracy (1996) - There's a nice shot of Linda Hamilton's watch which is a Breitling Lady J.

Shanghai Express (1932) - A Hamilton Flintridge Hunting watch worn by Clive Brook.  It has a photo of Marlene Dietrich under the lid.  Marlene Dietrich purchases a watch and gives it to Clive Brook at the end of the movie.

Shattered (1991) - Breitling Chronomat worn by Tom Berenger.

Sheik, The (1921) - Rudolph Valentino wears a Cartier Tank .

Simply Irresistible (1999) - Sarah Michelle Gellar wears an Omega Constellation.

Single White Female (1992) - A gold Hamilton Ventura is seen.

16 Blocks (2006) - There's a nice shot of a Casio with an analogue display worn on the right wrist of Bruce Willis.

Snow Falling on Cedars (1999) - Close-ups on two Gruen watches.  One with Roman numeral and one with Arabic.

Son Of The Sheik (1926) - Rudolph Valentino wears a Cartier Tank .

Stargate (1994) - Breitling Sirius worn by Kurt Russell.

Starship Troopers (1997) - Avocet Vertech.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) - Arnie wears an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore chronograph.

Thelma And Louise (1991) - Susan Sarandon gives her watch (Cartier/Seiko?) to an old man.

Thirteenth Floor, The (1999) - A rectangular 1930s Hamilton Contour drivers watch(?) with the crown at the 12 o'clock position.  The director must like this watch as there are several close-ups of it.

Thomas Crown Affair (1968) - Steve McQueen wears a few different watches throughout this great movie.  First of all  he is seen with a gold Patek Philippe pocket watch.  We also see him wearing  a gold Jaeger Le Coultre Memovox and a Vacheron & Constantin or JLC triple date moonphase.  As always he wears his writswatches on his right wrist.

Thomas Crown Affair (1999) - A gold Jaeger Le Coultre Reverso Duo is worn by Pierce Brosnan which is very well seen.  An extreme close-up of this watch shows that there is no signature or text on its dial.  I wonder why? (Also see Dial M For Murder). There is also a close-up of Rene Russo's watch.

Thursday (1998) -  There's an extreme close-up of a TAG Heuer Quartz 2000 which is upside down.  A close-up of a Rolex Day-Date with a diamond and "computer" dial.  Other Rolexes are seen throughout the movie.

Ticker (2001) - Stevern Seagal opens Tom Sizemore's watch and tells him how to fix it.  Other watches also feature.  Film credits that watches were supplied by Fossil.

Time To Kill, A (1996) - Oliver Platt wears an Oris.

Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970) - Close-up of a Caravelle waterproof watch.

Trading Places (1984) - Fictitious brand watch pawned by Dan Aykroyed. "The sports watch of the 80’s".

Transporter, The (2002) -  A Panerai is featured throughout the movie.

2 Days In The Valley (1996) - A Rolex Day-Date worn by James Spader but he keeps a Minerva stop-watch around his neck.

Un Flic (Dirty Money) (1972) - One of the gangsters wears a Rolex Submariner without date. Alain Delon wears a Cartier Tank Arrondie . (See Le Samourai).

U.S. Marshalls (1997) - Bell & Ross Chronograph.

U-Turn (1997) - Movado Museum worn by Sean Penn. "Its got no numbers on it, that’s why it’s expensive!" Film credits the Movado Watch Co.

Vanilla Sky (2001) - A close-up of an IWC Mark XV worn by Tom Cruise.

Walk In The Sun, A (1946) - Two good close-ups of a Gruen Precision, also a Hamilton.  This is the type of war movie where soldiers synchronise their watches.

Wall Street (1987) - Charlie Sheen starts off wearing a Lorus and progresses to a Cartier(?).

Where The Truth Lies (2005) - Kevin Bacon wears a Hamilton Ventura.

Zigzag  (1970) - There's a nice shot of a Zodiac GMT style watch.