The Moon Watch - The First and Only Watch Worn on the Moon book was produced by Omega themselves.  It's good to see watch manufacturers catering to customers and collectors.  Manufacturers like Omega, Patek Philippe, I.W.C. and Jaeger Le Coultre have all distributed various books on their watches.  Originally published in hardback, I believe it has been re-released as a soft cover.  The book covers in brief, the Omega history, the origins of the Speedmaster and the stages of manufacture of the chronograph.  There is a Speedmaster Chronology where colour photographs of different models and their model numbers are listed.  The book is also interspersed with NASA photographs in space.

The next significant books on the Speedmaster are the ones shown above.  The first is the original Japanese issue written and edited by Kesaharu Imai.  It is a Mono Special Edition published by World Photo Press who also publish Time Spec magazine, Mono Watch-a-GoGo magazine and World Mook.  The book is divided into 5 Chapters:  The Venture Into Space, Heading Into Space, Speedmaster Anatomy, Astronauts and Their Watches and Omega Company History.  Both books are high glossy productions but the most impressive thing is the Special Pull-out Insert.  Titled the Full Description of the Omega Speedmaster Line-up, it depicts in colour 60 Speedmaster variations, their relevant reference numbers and year of manufacture.  The English version came out in 1998 and initially, was only available with the 30th Anniversary Speedmaster model.

The three following books are Japanese issues.  The Begin Super Item Book No.8 is rather disappointing compared to its Rolex cousins in books 1, 2 & 4.  I would say it's a condensed version of A Time Capsule, although it does feature the latest Speedmaster models such as X-33.  There is also a section on appropriate bracelets for the relevant watches and a table of reference & calibre numbers.  The Omega Speedmaster Master Book, Green Arrow Graffitti (their spelling) No.49 again falls short of its Rolex counterpart.  The good feature, though, is the  photos of the dial, case back and movement of each significant Speedmaster in the chapter titled, "Legend of the Omega Speedmaster".  The Space & Watch book is also published by Green Arrow Graffitti and edited by Kesaharu Imai.  It's in hardback with 128 glossy pages that describes the space missions and Speedmasters throughout the years.  All three are currently available.

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