The six magazines below are the World Wrist Watch Time Spec.  This Japanese magazine is published by the World Photo Press and its editor is Kesaharu Imai, more on him later.  This is easily the best wristwatch magazine in the world. Time Spec comes out bi-monthly, the photographs and detail are exquisite.  Unfortunately, English text is virtually non existent.  The issues listed below have special features on various Rolex watches.  Issue No.8 is a Cosmograph Daytona delight.  The Paul Newman cover is the earlier version but the articles are the same.  You will see many rare Daytonas, their movements, their variances and relevant details.  Issue 9 , obviously has an article on Submariners. Issue 12 is again feature packed with Rolexes.  Vintage watches, accessories, dials, bezels, etc. No.14 features blow-up photographs of movements and components. No. 17 incorporates The Rolex Encyclopedia.  Many rare vintage Rolexes are seen here.  These magazines are a must have.  All are still available.  Avoid buying these magazines on various internet auction sites as they usually too expensive.  I'd recommend  any Japanese bookstore who can back order these magazines easily.  Click on any image to go to the Time Spec home page.

Time Spec also puts out special editions.  Worth getting are Rolex Fan Volumes 1 & 2.  Both are published by World Photo PressVolume 1 is entirely devoted to bubble-backs and was written by James DowlingVolume 2 is titled 2421 and is a wonderful publication.  I have the Japanese issue but as you can see there is a German version as well.  The book is divided into 12 chapters: Non Oyster, Oyster, Bubble Back, Submariner, Explorer, GMT Master, Chronograph, Oyster Perpetual, Air King, Prince, Lady's and Quarter Century/Pocket.  There are 2421 thumbnail photographs, hence the title.  It's written by Kesaharu Imai whose other works are A Time Capsule Omega Speedmaster - The Story of the First Watch In Outer Space and publications on Zippo lighters.  There is a Volume 3 in the Rolex Fan series, it deals with current production models.  Save your money on this one as it's easier to get a current catalogue from Rolex themselves.

The only other special edition worth mentioning is Rolex Scene 1913-1997 The London Aritake Collection, another World Photo Press edition.  This book is written by Shigeharu Aritake.  The Aritake collection book is from a London based Japanese dealer who has 
photographed all the interesting watches which have passed through his hands in the last 15 years. Nevertheless, this book is quite expensive but if you want great photographs of rare Rolexes, this book is for you.



These three books are from the Begin Super Item Book series.  They are in the A5 format and are relatively easy to obtain.  Although in Japanese, the pictures in these books are superb and you will learn a lot.  I hope they continue to release more issues.  Feature on the the GMT Master would accompany the above four issues wonderfully.

The next two editions are also in the A5 format.  The Rolex Master Book and The Rolex Master Book II are published by Green Arrow Graffiti and are numbered 21 & 29 respectively. Master Book features chapters titled History of Rolex, Masterpiece Collection, Bubble Back, Box, Bracelet, Dial, Crown, Bezel, Hand, Case, Box, Pocket Watch, Catalog, Advertisement and Tudor.  It also has a short article on each sports model.  Master Book II, focuses on the current sports models and Tudor watches.  It also compares them to similar contemporary watches by other manufacturers.   Just released is Rolex Master Book III.  This is another great issue.  It includes more rare watches including a GMT prototype, it has chapter titled Real or Fake and a section on books about Rolex.  Though, this last item is not as good as the one you are reading!


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