Patek Philippe Complicated Wrist Watches by Giampiero Negretti and Paolo De Vecchi is another wonderful publication.  It was first published in 1997 by Leonardo Arte and again in 1999 by Könemann.  This is a tall, coffee-table book with 180 pages and has text in English, German and French.  It's a hard cover with dust jacket, the paper quality is high.  The photographs are breathtaking, there are many photos of complicated Patek Philippe watches which take up the whole page (330 x 245 mm).  The complications which are shown are Chronographs, Perpetual Calendar Watches with Chronograph, Calendar Watches, World Time Watches, Dual Time Zone Watches and Minute Repetition Watches.  What makes this book more astounding for me is its price.   This book cost me $30.00 Australian, unbelievable!  As most of us will never own such exquisite timepieces, our imagination is fuelled by this book.

The full title of this book is Patek Philippe Wrist Watches Pocket Watches Clocks Identification & Price Guide Retail & Vintage Price Book 1.  What a mouthful!  It is written by Roy Ehrhadt and Joe DeMesey.  Published by Heart of America Press in 1991, it comes from the same stable as the Vintage American & European Wrist Watch Price Guide series.  The Patek Philippe Price Guide has its last half of the book devoted to wristwatches.  This is a very handy reference guide for models, movements and descriptions.  Some of the illustrations are hard to make out due to the poor printing of some pages.  Nevertheless, if you are watch hunting for a Patek Philippe or you quickly want to check a particular reference model, this book is for you.  Beware, as with all price guides, the prices listed are well out of date.    HOAP also issued Patek Philippe Parts & Material Catalog Book 2.  The other major price guide which has a reasonable section on Patek Philippe is Complete Price Guide To Watches by Cooksey Shugart, Tom Engle and Richard E. Gilbert.  It's similar to the HOAP book in style, though, the illustrations are much more clearer.

Other publications worth mentioning are various magazine devoted to Patek Philippe.  Of course there is a World Wrist Watch Time Spec magazine.  I have rambled on about this Japanese watch magazine in my other two "Essentials", so I won't bother you with the details.  The issue to have is No.22, it's called the Kaleidoscopic Patek Philippe.  There are great photos of manual and automatic movements, early watches, watches that have centre seconds, etc.

Another Japanese publication concentrating on Patek Philippe is a book A5 in size from Green Arrow Graffitti, No.43.  This book mainly covers the recent Patek Philippe watches which are available.  I would advise a visit to your local Patek Philippe Authorised Dealer for the latest catalogue than spending money on this book.  If you want to see different Patek Philippe boxes, straps, buckles and accessories, well, they're all in this book.

Just recently issued by Watch Time magazine, is a special issue devoted to Patek Philippe.  Unfortunately, this edition was not available on the newstands.  It was sent out to the registered owners of Patek Philippe watches by Patek Philippe.  It was also available at some  Authorised Dealers.  You could also try the magazine themselves.  Titled, The World of Patek Philippe, this a fantastic publication for the novice and expert alike.


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