Patek Philippe is probably the most popular and desired watch when it comes to collecting and owning a quality time piece.  In any publication where the history of watch making is mentioned, the name of Patek Philippe invariably comes up.  Books on wristwatches are now being published more frequently.  These books usually have the history of wristwatches, significant changes through the decades and the important watch houses.  The books shown below are publications which have a noteworthy feature on Patek Philippe.  Whether it is a concise history of the company or detailed photographs of wristwatches past or present, the following volumes are worth getting.

As we have seen with Patek Philippe Geneve - Wristwatches, the company is not afraid to offer the collector more than their watches.  If you are a owner of a Patek Philippe timepiece you are entitled to their Patek Philippe Magazine.  This is published twice a year in a variety of languages.  Although, the magazine concentrates on a variety of subjects, articles on their watches feature in each issue.

Collecting Patek Philippe manuals and brochures can be another source of good reference material.  Auction catalogues as previously mentioned are always invaluable.

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