Independent Commission on U.S.-Indonesian Relations

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The US Department of State and Rusk himself did oppose the Indonesian invasion of West Papua in 1961/62; and a number of US Senators have currently voiced their discomfort with current US-Indonesian policies. But, each year their Congress and they are presented with fictional statements in reports like the Commission Report (Oct 2003).pdf from the US Indonesia Association.

ICUSIR intends to prepare and present its own report to the US Senate and Congress, I ask your help in preparing these documents.


The Commission was established in July 2004. The function of the Commission is to analysis current and pass US Indonesian relations, review plausible alternatives, and recommend policies which would improve US and regional interests. This Commission is a NGO and has no affiliation to any government, government department, or commerical body; currently (14/7/2004) being moved forward by an individual, I hope you or others will soon help create a community effort for this work through feedback, time or referals. It is an independant NGO accepting community input from either long term observers of, or residents of South East Asian and Australasian regions in and adjucant to Indonesia.

Request for your Input

The general consensus to date, seems to be that both the region and US would best benefit if the US supported independence movements across the countries currently claimed by Indonesia. Your views upon this would be appreciated, any supportive documents to this or other affect could be of great assistance. Please help fill out the below list of Reference documents.

Refuting also Welcome

If you have interest in pointing out errors or misleading statements expressed in the above mentioned US Indonesia Association's document; we would also welcome hearing about this. The input abot errors in their report shall be coalated and presented as a separate report.

Errors or Misleading Statements of the National Commission on US Indonesian Relations
Report of the Independant Commission on US Indonesian Relations


Important Note: this is NOT about demonising Indonesia nor the Javanese people, it is about addressing the white-wash and mis-representations being presented each year in Washington, DC.
The morals or behavor of TNI Generals is a major issue, that any Indonesian regimes will remain subject to both those persons and a general business culture of corruption which will exclude human and civil rights as well as economic and civil improvements is also a major issue.
That Indonesia is in military occupation of West Papua, and several other countries, that it relays upon suppression of the population, and that it is stealing the natural resources of thses countries; are all issues which the US and others should not be in support of.

References Required for Commission

Documents to illustrate that the US would not lose too much by supporting independence movements across the region. Could we produce a document to illustrate that the US and Australia would gain extra and more stable business oppertunities by supporting independence movements.

With apologies to the legitimate Islamic communities, however, I think Indonesia is less than a poor example of an Islamic State. I believe TNI officers and other elite Indonesian business people to be token Muslims who value the dollar much more than human rights. Any report outlining problems with the current Indonesian structure dependant upon repression of both the population and human rights (including the effective theft of natural resources from various countries) will also have to outline the potential for so called radical Islamic groups and the on-going creation of violant groups and individuals.

Given the current concerns of the US, considerable strength will be required in refuting the claims of Indonesia being a 'moderate' Islamic state; a pious Islamic State would be fine, the trouble is that Indonesia seems to encourage a dangeous culture towards non-Javanese. Would it be a fair comment, and could it be backed up.

One other 'small' angle, population growth. China & India have both attempted to addressed this issue; and globally there is no question that it will have to be addressed; but, has any section of US government acknowledged this? If so, then the whole issue of Indonesia's inability to address the issue and use of conquest to avoid doing so, would ring stronger with an American audience.

Documents of general interest to the subject