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MG Toolkits:  The Story
T and Y Perfect Screwdriver

rop-forged by our craftsmen, these kits are the 'final frontier' for the concours or daily driver alike!

We are a group of specialist MG enthusiasts who have developed perfect copy, usable, drop-forged copies of otherwise unavailable MG related items often overlooked by the large suppliers. Our criterion is that these items have to be up to concours standard and we cut no corners in ensuring this. These kits and other specialist MG accessories (see our ad in "The Sacred Octagon") are made to blueprint and commissioned in limited numbers by us here in Australia, one of the largest export markets for all models of MG.MG TF toolkit

Complete TC kit

Comprehensive and complete as per original inventory and faithful to the originals in both look and quality. there are none like it in the world, believe us, we have looked high and low. These are a limited run, based on orders received and may not always be available. They are a supplied in canvas tool roll made from authentic materials (with the Y-type's roll's leather strap on the correct side for instance).

We supply our kits right across the USA and UK, we have just, for example, supplied a kit to a concours rare MG Arnolt at a Canadian MG Museum (The Welch Collection in Vancouver). You may ask Dick Knudson at "TSO" about them too as we have featured the T-Series kit in his magazine for nearly two years and have sold many kits to members of the New England T Register.


Close up of the MGA kit

Complete MGA Kit

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