Wiring Harnesses

Our team also produces wiring harnesses for most MG as well as many classic British cars including Jaguar, Alvis, Austin-Healey, Sprite, Bentley, Daimler, Morris, Mini (including Cooper S), Triumph and Vauxhall.

So why would you buy a wiring harness from us instead of 'off the shelf' from one of the large parts dealers if they stil made one?

All our wiring harnesses are made from original blueprint. We also make harnesses for all the varients of these cars and in fact we even have the blueprints from each modification that a car goes through and we can tell which one is right for you from its chassis number or equipment. This avoids the many horror stories of buying a 'standard' one only to find, once you've got it, that many of the wires are in the wrong place. In most cases we are also cheaper.

With 30 years experience and an extensive R&D program for each, we ensure that all harnesses are made to exact original specifications including cables, outer finish, terminations, fitting and accuracy of detail. All harnesses are complete to the last detail including all harness sections and come with all loose cables, assemblies wiring diagrams, drawings and supplementary information.

All cables are as specification, for example, rubber insulated cotton covered or PVC depending on the year of manufacture of the car. Colour coding is identical to the original. They are without equal in the world and we say this with full confidence having used them ourselves in many restorations.

Examples of MG looms that we make: (all prices not including postage). These prices are all for exactly as original, e.g cotton covered for early cars, PVC for later. We do cheaper PVC for some of the older model, please ask.

Orders take 2 to 3 weeks to before dispatch.

All prices are POA

PreWar Midget/Magna/Magnette

(we also do the braided battery cables please ask)

1932 J2

1932 J3

1932 J3 with flashing brake lights

1932 K1 and K2 P.O.A

K3 P.O.A

1932 KN P.O.A

1933 L

1934-35 NA/NB English Body

1934 NA Australian Body

1934-35 PA/B (and with flashing brakelights)

1936 TA

1939 TB


1945 TC RF91 Regulator Export

1945 TC Home 30 light

TC RHD Export, 1948 wiring code from TC 3414

1948-49 TC flashing brakelights on rear guards

1948-49 "D" lamp Amber flashers on petrol tank ends

" flashing brakelights DB10 twin D lamps


1949 TD RF95 regulator

1949 TD DB10 flashing brakelights

1951 RB106 regulator, Separate fuseblock TD 8142-18882

1951 " Amber flashers

1951 DB10 Flashing brakelights

1952 TD Foot dip switch 18883-22370

amber flashers TD 18883-22370

1953 TD DB10 Flashing brakelights, TD 22371-onwards

We also do a budget (PVC) version of all of the above


1954 TF toolbox petrol pump TF 501-1509

1954-55 TF Wheelarch mounted TF 1510 onwards

1954-55 twin pumps

We also do a budget (PVC) version of all of the above


1946 YA RF91 regulator, semaphore trafficator

1947 YA WITH RF95 regulator semaphore trafficator

1947 with amber flashers

1948-51 YA RF95 regualator, Semaphore Trafficators 1948 colour code

1948-51 Amber flashers

1948- YT Tourer

with DB10 Flashing brakelights

with Amber flashers

We also do a budget (PVC) version of all of the above


1953 ZA Coil on Valance, Semphore Trafficators 501-5938

1955 Coil on Generator 5939-18576

with DB10 Flashing Brakelights 5939-18576

1956-58 ZB Semphore Trafficators 18577

with DB10 flashing brakelights 18577

1957-58 ZB Varitone DB10 flashing brakelights 187081

or Amber Flashers 18577


1955-59 mga 1500

1956-58 TWIN CAM to 2912, Coupe 2291

1959-60 1600 MK1 to 74488

1960 1600 Lucar generator 74489

1961-62 1600 MKII from 100352

1958-60 TwinCam 1600 body from 2913 coupe 2292

Special wiring 1955-62:

MGA generator with MGB motor (early inertia starter) and electric tacho, Alternator 16acr, mechine sensed, MGA or MGB Motor with electric tacho, MGA 1500 body with MGB MKII motor, electric tacho, MGA 1600 body with MGB MK2 motor are all available JUST ASK.

SERIES MGB MGC ROADSTER: Home, Export and Australian

All models including UK and Australian production for all variants. POA We do all, there are so many variants so please ask.

SERIES MGB, MGC GT: Home, Export and Australian

All models including UK and Australian production for all variants. POA. We do all variants, please just ask.

SERIES MG MIDGET: Home, Export and Australian production

All models including UK and Australian production for all variants. POA

Series 1100 and 1300

1963-66 MG11 MK1 (PVC)

Always ask us for more info on inpoint@optushome.com.au

HOW TO ORDER: print off our order form by clicking this link or email us at the above address.

We accept credit card orders by fax/phone (please don't risk sending your credit card # on the net) to Australia (61) 2 9967 4945 or by post to:

The In-Point, P.O Box 492, Willoughby, 2068, NSW, Australia .

Postage charges vary greatly depending on the weight of your order and whether you choose regular mail (airmail out of Australia is very reasonable) or courier.

We will confirm all orders by email including postage before processing.


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