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Useful Utilities
PDF file generator for copying manual style documents.
This program takes BMP image files produced by scanning software, and creates a PDF document from them with one image per page.  The program is easy to use and fast. The input files should be black and white in "Letter" size (8.5"x11"). The PDF output file is always generated at these settings.
Download:  GenPDFM.ZIP Version 1.0 Updated 29/12/2001
English language word locator.
This program allows you to list all words of the English language that contain a letter sequence you specify.
The search can also be restricted to either the start or end of word.
Now you can answer the question: What English words end with "mt"? 
Download:  English.ZIP

Raves and Rants
Binary digital data.
A tutorial on information representation in digital form, and its use in computing.
The Michelson-Morley Experiment.
Another look at this famous experiment. Did it really prove what it's claimed to have proved?