IBM 7094 Emulator 

Note: This emulator is for Windows only.

The emulator can load and start the IBM 7094 operating system "IBSYS", allowing some simple commands to be executed, but more complex jobs such as the compilers do not yet work.

This image shows the main display windows of the emulator after running some sample IBSYS JCL.

Operation of the emulator is quite straightforward, all items on the form have decriptive hints/tooltips.

The emulator incorporates a scripting system which will run a small demonstration, making it very easy to see some activity straight out of the box.

Emulator program, sample jobs and scripts, diagnostic programs, IBSYS system tapes and source text.  B709430D.ZIP Updated 11/10/2004
Delphi source files  B709S30D.ZIP Updated 11/10/2004

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