File utilities for early IBM software

These utilities are used to process and manage the early IBM software files available from Paul Pierce's "Old IBM software project".
They are:-
  • BCD2IAS  This program reads a 7094 BCD source tape and corrects most gross errors, creating a properly formatted and readable ASCII text file. It uses a file of "fix records" to tell it how to correct each error in the source file. For the most part, it is able to generate the fix file for itself, but some errors require manual intervention to create the fix record.
  • IASMERGE The program above only corrects formatting errors, there could be other kinds. Fortunately, there is some duplication of the source tapes. This program reads multiple .IAS files (created by BCD2IAS above) and selects the "best" records from the set of input files, and outputting  an optimal output file. This is an interactive process.
The above two programs are only used for the 7094 BCD (source) tape files.
  • FILEBROW displays all the file types (1401/7094, source/binary, card/tape) in various ways as an aid to identifying the format, and thus how to process the file. 
All three programs use a control file imaginatively named "FileList.Txt", to manage locating and selecting the files that they process. This file must be located in the same directory as the programs. 

The ZIP below also contains the compiled EXE's for convenience. To run them, extract to a directory, and edit the "P" (path) records in FileList.Txt to reflect the locations of retro software files downloaded from the above site.

A suggested directory structure is:-

All things related to this project
   Emulators for these machines:-
      IBM 1401
      IBM 709x
   File utilities (ZIP on this page)
   Retro software for these machines:-
      IBM 1401
      IBM 709x 

File processing utilities.  FILEUTIL.ZIP Build 2 Updated 2/12/2002
Some ducumentation on the utilities FILEUTIL.DOC (Also in the ZIP above) 

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