Emulation of early IBM computers - the 1401 and 7094

I was looking into writing an emulator for the IBM 1401, and while researching for software to run on it, I stumbled across Paul Pierce's Computer Collection. Not only does Paul have probably the worlds greatest private collection of early IBM mainframe hardware, but he has also managed to preserve much of the software that ran on these machines, and made it available on the web!.This inspired me to look at emulating the 7094 systems as well.
The software here consists of utilitites to "massage" and interpret the materials downloaded from Paul Pierce's website, plus the crude beginnings of emulators for the 1401 and 7094 machines. This software is written in Delphi 5, (almost) no (C)rap here, and all source is available. There is also some of the "massaged" 7094 software. 

The task of emulating these systems is no trivial matter, there are many complexities involved, and precious little documentation to help sort them out. And frankly, I'm stuck. Development of both emulators have reached stumbling blocks, which I hope to persevere with and overcome. But it would be great to have the help and expertise of others interested in the subject focus their talents on the problems as well. Hence the appearance of these emulators in such an embryonic form.

So if you are interested in these projects, feel free to download what's here and see what you can come up with! I'll try to document the state of play as best I can so that you can go straight to the issues.

The available retro-software (at Paul Pierce's site)
1401 7094
Early Autocoder (5 decks)
Later Autocoder (2 decks)
IBSYS operating system, including source
Macro assembler, including source
Fortran compiler, including source
COBOL compiler, including source
Numerous applications and utilities, with source
There are also DOS based emulators for these machines on this site

My emulation software and utilities
1401 Emulator 7094 Emulator File Utilities

Some of the retro-software
Source code for the IBSYS operating system that ran on the 70xx series. It's large - almost 94,000  lines.
It was produced via the file utilities above, and may still contain errors (eg. many labels do not start in column 1, and the file doesn't end cleanly). 
The ZIP also contains the .FIX files used to create the files that were then merged to create the one here. See  File Utilities
This is the file above split into separate assembly decks. See "mapnotes.txt" inside it.  IBSYSIAS-split.ZIP

Other resources
Bob Supnik's emulators (Mostly DEC, but includes the 1401)
Al Kossow's extensive documentation library. A treasure trove, including some 704/7040/7090 manuals, and oodles of DEC.
This collection also contains the reference manual for the amazing IBM 7030 (aka "Stretch"). 
If you find one of these out in your back shed, I definitely want to hear about it!
See also, his "Minicomputer Orphanage"
There is also the emulation software from IBM for the 1401/1440/1460 series and the 1410/7010 series. This runs under DOS/VS on a System/370 mainframe. If you don't happen to have access to one of these, try the Hercules S/390 Emulator. The source for these 14xx emulators has been loaded to the file area of the Yahoo group H390-DOSVS.


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