My small vintage computing hardware collection

IBM 1401 Core memory frame
This is the best piece I have from the early 1960's era.
It's the core memory stack from an IBM 1401 and associated electronics. It contains 4000 8 bit storage locations. The parity bit is included in the 8 bits of each location, unlike most other machines. 
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Digital Equipment Corporation minicomputers - PDP-11/05, PDP-11/04 and PDP-11/34
I have three DEC PDP-11 minicomputers, all built in the 1970s. This collection also includes some floppy disk drives, printers, software and manuals.
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Standard Modular System (SMS) cards
Standard Modular System (SMS) is the packaging technology developed by IBM in the late 1950's  for packaging their (then) new transistor based electronics. Originally designed during the Stretch project, they were used in the 14xx, 1620, 704x and 709x series machines until about 1965 when they were superceded by the Solid Logic Technology (SLT) used in System/360.
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IBM's quest for the perfect mainframe power supply
Evolution of IBM packaging technology
Over the last 40 years the packing density of electronic components has increased at a staggering rate. IBM's hardware was no exception.
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The System/360 Power Supply Restoration Project
This is one of the many internal power supplies from an IBM system/360. It was in very poor condition when I first came upon it, and I thought restoring it to new condition would make an interesting and satisfying project. It was.
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IBM Machine badges
While wrecking all that IBM gear for the gold, at least I saved the badges.
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Other items
Some other  IBM bits and peices.
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1311 disk storage drives
The IBM 2321 Data Cell Drive
Evolution of computer memory

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