My DEC PDP-11's

I have three Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) PDP-11 computers, all made in the 1970's.

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A PDP-11/05, made in 1972.
This machine has 32KB of core memory.

A PDP-11/34, made in 1979.
This machine uses MOS (semiconductor) memory. The CPU consists of two circuit boards and includes memory management and virtual memory facilities.

A PDP-11/04, made in 1979.
This machine also uses MOS memory. While similar in appearance to the PDP-11/34, the CPU consists of just one circuit board and does not include memory management.

The mass storage systems for the 11/34 and 11/04. These are RX01 dual 8' floppy disk drives, one from each of the two machines above. These drives store 2x800Kb each.
The 11/05 used to have a paper tape reader/punch, but I destroyed it. (Kick's self)
The CPU board from the 11/04 The core memory board from the 11/05
This is the user interface for these machines, DECWriter III keyboard/printers.
Software for the PDP-11s. Many eight inch floppy disks, and lots of paper tape.
My collection of Digital Equipment Corporation handbooks.

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