Laurie Green built this exhibition layout, the wonderful Enterprise Gold Mining Company. Built in On30 following the ready availability of the new Bachmann range of equipment, it is highly detailed, completed with beautifully crafted scenery, and operates to the same card system as used on Old Ophir.

There are many structures on this layout which deserve close attention. The award winning Engine Shed has a fully detailed interior - as you can see from the photo, the detailing is just beautiful. But whereas other layouts may have just one single feature structure, the Enterprise Gold Mining Company has the Crushing Mill, with all the equipment modelled, an operating Gallows Turntable, and of course, the Gold Mine itself.

This layout deserves your closest attention should you see it at an exhibition near you - it is a sensationally detailed layout befitting Laurie's status as a Master Model Railroader.

You will note in the New Images that there has been some rearrangement, compared to the track diagram. The turntable was removed - it being too difficult to run reliably at an exhibition, and the engine shed moved to its place. The open area vacated by the engine shed was then replaced with a small cattle yard.

Laurie is happy to answer any questions about this layout by email

LATE NEWS: Laurie has sold this layout to Mario Rapinett, who has converted it from mining to a logging layout. Go here to see the new Enterprise.