Communist purge plan for schools

(Sydney Morning Herald   24- 8- 1971)

A Communist Party document says revolutionary minded teachers should present to students the need and possibility of socialist revolution.

The document, a Communist Party Of Australia Program for Education, was drawn up by a meeting of Communist Teachers, students and parents last May and is subject to endorsement by the Party’s congress next Easter.

It says the role of education under capitalism is in essence that of a transmitter of bourgeios ideology.
But aspects of advanced education had serious dangers to capitalism.

It claims some bourgeois ideology is so out of touch with society’s realities that many students accept an anti-establishment or revolutionary position.

“This trend is growing”, the document said, “Witness the participation in demonstrations”

“Teachers with revolutionary convictions should seize the opportunities and now they have to present a critique of  capitalism and the need and possibility of socialist revolution; also to reject the notion that education is neutral, objective and value free”.

The document says under Australian education it is assumed as natural and unquestionable that students are to graduate in a capitalist society, which is eternal and legitimate.


“All teachers have been expected to inculcate moral values- respect for private property, hard work, honesty, loyalty, kindness, and charity – the Judeo-Christian ethic in fact, which in capitalist society also includes the values of competition, traditional sex roles, conformity, respectability, nationalism, militarism and racism”.

It claims most teachers reproduce these ideas in the classroom.

Recent challenges to traditional morality, the document says, are widespread in secondary schools and supported by some teachers.

Under the heading “Program for Action” in the document are:
A teacher campaign for better working conditions, including sufficient salaries, adequate preparation time, reasonable class sizes and ancillary clerical staff.
Universal free pre school education.
Abolition of state aid.
Free education at all levels.
Abolition in classes of ability groupings in favour of random groupings.
Abolition of Public examinations and tertiary control of secondary courses in favour of “co-operative learning situations and constructive appraisal of individual work decided on by the local community”.

A charter of rights for Students and teachers, including the freedoms of assembly, discussion, publication, organisation and participation in governing the school.

The abolition of "Patriotic anachronisms such as flag saluting, swearing allegiance and glorifying militarism" and "dogmatic religious teaching" in schools.

Abolition of Inspection, “hierarchal promotion systems,” and “the head teacher as dictator.”

The right of “full controversy” in the schools to “liberate the minds of teachers, students and parents to an increasing degree from the bourgeois hegemony over consciousness.”