A verse in which certain letters such as the first in each line form a word or a message.


Australia is My Country

Australia is my country
Under southern skies so free,
Snakes curl in a hollow log
Treefrogs sing to me.
Roads go on forever
As you drive from east to west.
Lizards bask in desert sands
Insects are a pest.
Australia is my country

It snows on mountains high.
Sheep still wander on the range

Maybe if you try,
You might imagine what it's like

Camping in the wild,
Or relaxing in the tropics
Up where the weather's mild.
Nothing in the world compares
To Aussie green and gold,
Red dirt, blue seas, the sand and surf,
Your mates - It can't be sold.



How do you think of these challenges? I am impressed.
Do I dare attempt this test?
You think you are good but look at me,
Think I'll return to my ABC.
Of all the poems I've ever done
These challenge ones I find most fun.
Challenges sometimes take more time,
I just have to think in rhyme.
Am I having mental block?
Impressed myself, no I'm not.


Love is Patient Love is Kind

Love is patient. Love is kind.
On bended knee to you,
Vanity abolished
Envy banished too

In servitude so willing
Seeking time together

Put you on a pedestal, worship you forever.
Ask for nothing in return
To seek eternal truth,
Inside my heart, my flesh, my mind
Enchanting gentle youth.
Never failing to endure
The test of passing time

Love is blind to many faults
Overlooking crime.
Virtue is the calling
Each love shall freely give

Including ones own dying breath to help the other live.
Savour all the memories

Kiss like there's no tomorrow
If you don't you might regret
No time left to borrow.
Darling - I LOVE YOU



Lord of Darkness
Akin to all evil
Calling vacant souls