The Ballade is a French form composed of three stanzas of eight lines and an envoy of four lines, with the last line of each stanza a refrain. It is usually iambic and the most common line lengths are eight or ten syllables. The rhyme scheme is ababbcbC ababbcbC ababbcbC bcbC.


Beseeching My Muse

Immortal sisters please help me
there are so many words to choose.
Help, I beseech you, hear my plea
I need guidance from you my Muse.
Get me started, give me some clues
lead with purpose, give me a goal.
With you at my side I can't lose,
you inspire and uplift my soul.

Help me find creativity
in letters and words that I use.
When I write verse and poetry
look over my work, give reviews.
Some words I tend to overuse,
to make the right choice, and enthuse.
You inspire and uplift my soul.

I hear orchestral melody,
it's a performance to infuse,
sweet voices all in harmony
I stay to linger and peruse.
More than delighted at the news
you Muses are making me whole,
I'll write and soon have no excuse.
You inspire and uplift my soul.

I read and sometimes wonder who's
been writing the words on my scroll.
Calliope, I thank you and Zeus.
You inspire and uplift my soul.