A limerick is a five line verse with the rhyme scheme of aabba. The a-lines should have five feet,while the b-lines have only three feet. It is normally, but not always light or humorous.


Poem a Day Challenge

You take up the challenge to write,
then stay up all day and all night.
To think of a verse
can be a real curse.
You want all the words to be right.

Don't worry if your words sound daft.
Remember it's only a draft
and then if you're wise
next month you'll revise
and wonder if others have laughed.

You might have enough for a book.
If you haven't, don't cry or sook.
Sit down and write more
than you did before.
When it's published I'll have a look.

I wish you success with your dreams.
It's easy if we work in teams
so all in due course
lets give it more sauce.
It isn't as tough as it seems.


Kitchen Capers

There’s capers afoot in the kitchen.
The cat is quite drunk and it’s twitchin’,
It drank two pints of ale,
Then lapped up a cocktail,
Danced a jig then said, “It’s bewitchin’.”



Two towers crashed down from the sky
Causing innocent people to die
Terror and war
What is it for?
I never will understand why


A Limerick for Paul

A middle aged man called Paul
Said 'No' when his angel did call
Please go away
I want to stay
I'm living and having a ball

I know that I'll meet you one day
But for now just please go away
I'm writing a book
If you want you can look
Just go and let me have my say

I'm good you can check with my wife
But sometimews I find I'm in strife
Don't pinch my car
Or you won't get far
And I'll make you pay with your life

I don't want to meet the Grim Reaper
But he seems to think he's my keeper
Now's not my time
I'm busy with rhyme
He'll just have to dig that grave deeper



There once was a girl called Christine
She smoked far too much nicotine
She coughed and she spluttered
The Doc came and muttered
She has to go in quarantine



There once was a girl called Monique
She had such a perfect physique
Her bust is so round
But mine can't be found
Beside her I feel quite a freak


Bertie and Gertie

A couple called Bertie and Gertie
Said life will begin when you're thirty
You lose inhibition
Try any position
Enjoy getting flirty and dirty



Don't read your teenagers diary
Life at home could become fiery
It's an easier task
More respectful to ask
Just make a discreet enquiry