The rondeau consists of three stanzas, a quintet (5 lines), a quatrain (4 lines) and a sestet (6 lines). The first phrase of the first line usually sets the refrain (R), but sometimes the refrain can be the whole of the first line. The structure is:

line 1 - a (R)(normally the first phrase is the refrain)
line 2 - a
line 3 - b
line 4 - b
line 5 - a

line 6 - a
line 7 - a
line 8 - b
line 9 - R

line 10 - a
line 11 - a
line 12 - b
line 13 - b
line 14 - a
line 15 - R


The Visitor

Death came to visit me today.
I sent him packing right away,
told him I did not want him here,
I said it loud and made it clear;
so shocked, he didn't disobey.

He left my home in disarray
but what he did was to convey
reminders no-one wants to hear.
Death came.

He'll come back but I did delay
the fate he had in mind. I pray
it won't be for many a year
giving me time with those held dear
'cause life is now a short foray.
Death came.


Excited Little Children

Excited little children creep
Down the stairs to quietly peep.
Not sure if Santa Claus has been
They know that they cannot be seen.
"We are supposed to be asleep".

"If we are caught I know we'll weep".
"The trouble we'll get into's deep".
Then Santa saw behind the screen
Excited little children.

He put his sack down in a heap
Most carefully 'cause toys aren't cheap.
He chuckled "Santa isn't mean,
I'd never make your Christmas lean.
This is a secret you must keep
Excited little children".


Letting Go

If I could see that crystal ball
I'd hold you up, not let you fall.
Shine beacons on the path you tread
See you prepared for what's ahead.
At times you do not heed my call

It's like I'm speaking to a wall.
You've grown so much and stand so tall.
I hope you take in what I've said.
If I could see...

If all mistakes I could recall
I'd right all wrongs. I'd do it all.
But now you've grown up. Life has sped.
It's time to change that life we've led.
I'll always be there if you stall
If I could see...


Here in Spirit

It won't be long till Christmas Eve.
The workers from their jobs take leave.
Large families gather with good cheer,
To celebrate the Christian year.
Most are happy but some will grieve.

Some wipe their tears upon their sleeve.
I hope that you do not bereave
A loved one that you held so dear.
It won't be long.

They're here in spirit to relieve
The loneliness. Take a reprieve.
The message from that new frontier
Is in the next life they'll be here.
They send their love so please believe,
It won't be long.