The rondelet is a french form consisting of two rhymes contained in a seven line stanza. Line one is the exact same as the 3rd and 7th lines. The structure is:

line 1 - 4 syllables - A (the same as line 3 and 7)
line 2 - 8 syllables - b
line 3 - 4 syllables - A
line 4 - 8 syllables - a
line 5 - 8 syllables - b
line 6 - 8 syllables - b
line 7 - 4 syllables - A


I Belong

Hearing your voice
The future is so much grander
Hearing your voice
Every morning I rejoice
No more am I a bystander
I look to you my commander
Hearing your voice


Left Behind

Feeling the pain
You should have seen but you were blind
Feeling the pain
Emptiness will drive you insane
Only memories to remind
Of how we used to lay entwined
Feeling the pain