The Shakespearian sonnet, also known as the English Sonnet, is written in fourteen lines of in iambic pentameter. It uses alternative rhyme connecting different images and a final couplet forming a conclusion. The Shakespearean sonnet is flexible in its volta, or turning point, (Shakespeare often used line 9), and has a rhyme scheme of abab,cdcd,efef,gg.


The Runner

With fierce determination on her face,
she spans the running track beneath her feet,
her lengthy stride's consistent, keeping pace.
The runner, focused, does not feel the heat.

A bead of sweat starts trickling down her brow.
The crowd stands, roaring loudly in delight
as nothing matters but the here and now.
The finish line will soon appear in sight.

Olympic glory features in her dream,
Apollo, proud, observes her steely will.
A victory here will raise her high esteem.
and show the world her country's awesome skill.

The ancient games portrayed in years of old
continue as she races for the gold.



Deny the primal urge inside of you
and pay the price of feeling quite alone.
Allow the urgent feeling to be true
and reap the glory. Why live on your own?

We're made to share our life and live in twos,
just look at Noah's beasts upon the ark.
In pairs survival's set - we cannot lose.
Ignite the fire. Light that mighty spark.

The spark will grow into a mighty flame,
then smoulder, keeping out the lonely cold.
Your empty life will never be the same
when loving arms have you in them to hold.

A hand is reaching out for you to clutch.
The air is cool. I need your warming touch.