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Daft Punk
Harbourlife 2007
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Skydiving for Tom's 21st
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Byron Trip #2 (Bede)
Byron Trip #2
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Stockton Beach
Parklife 06 (Bede)
Blue Mountains (Bede)
Up the Coast
Rhiannon, Luke and Ander's Party
John's 20th thingy
Jas' 21st Birthday
Hawks Nest #231
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South Coast Trip aka Camping #4
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Hannah G's Party
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2004 Schoolies
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When Retards attack.. (aka Camping 2)
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Anders' Party
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Luke's Party

Welcome to Keef's Picture Gallery

We here at Keef & Friends, welcome you and hope you enjoy your stay. Please take note of possible emergency exits to your left, right, centre, up and down. Thank you for browsing with Keef & Friends....


Presenting Faith and DJ


One happy father


Let's go to candy mountain!!!


Carly and Lee endorses Brawndo - The Thirst Mutilator


18-02-10 - Another happy couple get married. Seems weird it was only a few years ago that we finished school and so many of us are taking the plunge and growing up, but I guess I am by no means compaining, I've always advocated doing whatever makes you happy and I can only see the happiest moments shown by all these couples. having said that it was a great honour and a massive pleasure to see David marry Faith and it shows how far he has come since our crazier younger days. Congratulations to them and may they have the happiest times together!

Peace be with you

27-01-10 - Hope everyone had an awesome Australia Day! To some it might seem like another excuse to get drunk but it should be patriotic to get drunk on Australia day and what better way than to celebrate than riding a bike from one house to another drinking at every stop? We assembled a sweet crew at Ash's place, eventually ending at Harry's place getting massively pissed and sunburnt. Cheers to everyone who came along and also for having us at all our various stops, Awesome day!


25-09-09 - It's been quite some time since I last updated, almost a year in fact and boy did a lot of stuff happen in 10 months! Between car accidents and university work, there hasn't been as many great occasions to take photos and every man, woman and child seems to have a camera now a days and facebook really does an awesome job of photo management. When the opportunity arises I'll update this site with some higher resolution shots as well, just lack the time at the moment since I'm about to finish uni at the end of the year if all goes well.

Anyway we celebrate one my first weddings of our immediate group, so congratulations Mark and Polly. Even though the day started very uncertain with dust storms threatening to ruin everything, by the time of the ceremony all the dust had blown away to reveal a great day. A spectacular day I would say the least and I wish you two the happiest times together!

Hail Caesar!

10-11-08 - Had some good times recently, Bede + Lewie's, Laser Tag and A day at the races. Bede and Lewie's was awesome, if you missed it then you missed out on an awesome night. Laser tag was good and didn't end like I intended it to but that's another story... Races was good came out about even but still solid day of drinking. Added a few photos from Lisa to the Hunter trip. Can't be fucked writing anything else, another year almost over.

Hope to see ya all soon!

30-09-08 - We've just had one of the most awesome weekends up in the Hunter Valley, that would probably rate up there as one of most fun and enjoyable times I've ever had. For a change, we decided to do something different and travel away for a relaxing weekend up near Cessnock. Lisa found us a great place only about 30 minutes away from all the vineyards and remote enough to let us do whatever we wanted, it was this nice two storey house with pool and everything.

Lisa also organised a mini-bus to take us around all the vineyards and other places and they include Allandale, Peterson House, Scarborough Wine Co, Brokenwood, Tempus Two, Smelly Cheese Shop and Potter's Brewary. We all got a little tipsy and found some great wine and cheese we all liked and brought some of it back to our house to enjoy by the pool. This continued into the night with lots more drinking and drunken shinanigans. Sunday we just got drunk the whole day and night.

Thanks to Lisa for organising the sweet house and bus, I had a great time but now I have to deal with one hell of a hang over :(

20-09-08 - I am a piece of shit, soooooo hung over can't talk photos are fucked.....

13-09-08 - A Celebration of Jaie's Life... Keeping this brief, Jaie, we'll always love and miss you. Rest in peace buddy. To Anders, Matts, Wim and Robyn, Thanks for the night and I'm sure Jaie, where ever he is, would be happy at how awesome the night was.

We'll remember you forever,

23-07-08 - Upped some photos I got from Ryan on his Canadian Trip and a few from our little trip up to Hawk's Nest for John's 22nd Birthday.

19-07-08 - Worst and Best night ever! Let me explain, we celebrated Luke and Harry's 22nd birthday with a surprise party for Luke that was organised pretty late so sorry about that. Originally I hadn't planned to do anything but Lisa and I were bored with uni holidays drawing to a close soon so we decided to plan a party. We roped Sam, Sarah and Lisa into helping us pull off a surprise party for Luke.

In the previous years, we've tried revolutionary new ideas, like the noble beer bongs, aromatic vodka infusions, mutlicoloured skittlebrew, disastrous vodka watermelons and the humble meat cake. However this year due to the short notice of the party I was dumbfounded on what new thing to try this year but I ended up with the idea to freeze vodka to make vodka ice cubes, but there's a problem vodka can't be frozen in a normal fridge. So I decided to experiment with dry ice which stays at a nice temperature of -80 or so degrees, enough to freeze vodka and so we had it vodka ice cubes that both made your drink more alcoholic as it melt and also kept it very cold. It also makes your drink smoke as well which looks really cool as a party trick :P Meanwhile Lisa was busying making hundreds of jelly shots as you can never have too many jelly shots ;)

So Happy Birthday Luke and Harry, I got more drunk than I've been in a long time but I don't think too much got ruined like last year and I'm pretty sure the house wasn't on fire when I left so hope you guys and everyone else had fun. Thanks to Lisa for jelly shots & organising, Sam and Sarah for organising and keeping Luke distracted and other Lisa for letting us dig up her garden, using her house and get into more grief with the neighbours ha ha :P And thanks to everyone for coming to make the surprise so much cheesier and cornier ;)

Peace out

6-06-08 - Happy Birthday Ben G & H, John and Atsu!!!! Sooooo much Tequila, who would have thought of having a tequila themed event... In hind sight worst decision you made wasn't it Atz? haha Anyway awesome food thanks for the hospitality and everything! Hope you and everyone had a mad one ,just got a bit crazy at the end. Oh well one down, two more to go.

Wayne King

31-05-08 - Well no sky diving or any other extreme sports this year for Tom's birthday. A few of us went to the Terrey Hill's Tavern for some drinks and alcohol fueled shenanigans. Very nice place but way too many little kids around, a bit too family orientated for my liking. We left/got kicked out pretty early and some people went to Bar 333 for Zappia and others birthday. So Happy Birthday Tom, Matt and anyone else, hope you all had a great time....


16-05-08 - Happy Birthday Brad!!! And with that only a few more 21sts to go. All these 21sts have both destroyed my liver and bank account, luckily it's winding down somewhat. Well today we celebrate Brad's 21st down at the Inn which got pretty messy but all in all it was a great night, I thought I took more pictures but I guess that's a testament to how drunk I was. Thanks to friends and family for everything I guess, hope Brad had a great night and we'll do it again at 25 or something!

World hold on!

7-05-08 - Alright fixed up the galleries now but lost the forums but I never really rolled it our properly anyway.

4-05-08 - Sun's rising and lots of drinking was had while it was away. Happy Birthday Sam, Rob and Caysey, hope we will have many many more drinks in the future!


19-04-08 - I know I mentioned it before but Ribs and Rump = great win!!! A small group had lunch with Sammy D today and then in the night we headed out to Bar 333 to meet up with Tash and Ash and others for some drinking fun and boy did we drink ;) Long island ice teas for the win. Hope Ash, Tash Sam had a great night for their Birthdays and Wishing Tash and Ryan safe travels and many jam-packed adventures in Canada!

I'm Keef and this is 7:30 News on CBNBCPSBBSP

PS - I'm changing Webhosts at the moment so all the old galleries will be down for a while.

21-03-08 - Another night fueled with alcoholic goodness... Tonight we celebrate Anders, Blake, Lee and Sammy D's 21st birthday although only Anders are actually 21. Q-dance was way too heavy and I haven't slept yet so thanks to Anders and family for having us, hope you all had a great time!


16-03-08 - Happy Birthday Andy!! Although it was like 2 months ago, we still had a sweet drinking session at the Asquith Leagues club. Though it was an unfortunate night with Jack and other stuff on so we didn't have all the boys and girls there but it was still a solid night, hope everyone else had a good night, I know I did. Not many photos this time as I was trying to make the most out of the bar tab ;) To Andy, Amber + family, thanks for the great night!

Yay uni's back, can't wait for this sword of Damocles to strike....

01-03-08 - Well the boys are back from Thailand and we celebrate Nando's Birthday + Nick P., Paul H. and Ash B.'s birthdays all on the same day. Pretty hectic with all the trouble these boy's have been in from overseas and such. A lot of travelling around but I got pretty trashed so I'm happy and it's just like old times I guess, can't wait to check out the photos from the South East Asia trip though, should be interesting to say the least. Really drunk night thanks to everyone who was involved, I'm too out of it to really comment on it. Thanks to Nando + Family for the great food + drinks + entertainment and also to the old pub for an interesting night. Hope everyone had fun at their respective places and all! Hope to see you all more in 2008...

Love you all

Sometime early 2007 - Jumped out of a plane, landed all safe. Very fun. Crazy man broke camera. Can't be bothered to write anything else.

2-02-08 - I hope everyone had a great Australia Day! Just a quick addition from our trip down to Jamberoo where you control the action. We traveled down south to spend some time with Maruan who will soon depart us back to Jordon to be with his family and all in all it was a great day, lots of underaged kids to perv on great attractions to ride and great weather. Jamberoo is seriously pretty fun but the attraction dies off pretty quickly after a few hours, in the end it's totally worth it still and we all had fun. So this day was dedicated to Maruan whose been with us for many years now and it's sad to see you go but family's important too.

Farewell Maruan, Safe travels!

19-01-08 - A belated Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to you all. Not much to update as there's been so many 21st's as of late, though hopefully it'll quieten down after this week with the departure of the sick cunts: Bede, Cass, Tom, Sam, Lee, Greg, Ash, Harry, Paul, Luke, Haack & Lisa to the land of the downstairs mix-ups aka Thailand. This heroic group of loose men and women will be teaching the ladyboys how to get retarded like champions for about 6 weeks throughout South-East Asia. They will be surely missed but they have quite a lot of work ahead of them with the Full moon festival approaching. I'll leave with a short recap of 2007 from my eyes.

  • Started the year at Byron
  • The year of 21st's with Muz & Bing first up
  • Bushfires
  • Year of sadness with the loss of our beloved cheeky Jaie
  • Skydiving for Tom
  • Jumping castle madness at Matt's
  • Facebook uptake
  • Departure of howard
  • Lightsaber duels at Rhi's
  • Uncle sam looseness at our's
  • Meatcake and Woodstock blues craziness at Luke's
  • Street sign lunacy
  • Girls and a cup fucked up shit <-- seriously disturbing don't even google it
  • Guitar Hero 3 Awesomeness
  • Xbox 360 greatness <-- Thanks guys, I've never really thanked everyone who chipped in for it so Thank you!

That's all I can really remember right now but I'm sure there was heaps more batshit crazy stuff that happened.

Cheers to all friends home and abroad!

18-11-07 - Wow what a night, Thank you everyone who came, you guys made the night great. So much drinking I can barely remember much of it :( but that usually means I had fun :P Sorry I didn't get the chance to go around saying hi to everyone as I was so wasted. Someone went crazy with the camera, I've got a feeling it was Tom with the 50 pictures of Ben. Again not much to say but thanks for coming!

Love always,

9-11-07 - Well it's crazy season again, lots of birthdays are going to upon us once again but what makes it special this year is they are all 21st birthdays, to some it's a coming of age thing, other's it's another excuse to get extreme wasted. I'm sort of in between A and B, undecided. Anyway if you're reading this then I'm sure you've known me for a little bit so why not come along to mine, KC and Bede's 21st celebrations at VC Bar? We're bring back the old crew from our high school party days with some new faces picked up during the years, so rock up if you can and help us get loose!

Get Loose Foot Loose!

More details at our Facebook or Myspace events pages - Facebook / Myspace

Hope to see you there!,

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