Sound Cards with Aureal A3D Support

Using the Aureal Vortex 2 (8830) chipset

Absolute Outrageous 3D Sound
Aureal Vortex2  PCI
Aureal Vortex 2 SuperQuad 2500
Aureal Vortex2 SuperQuad Digital PCI
Diamond Monster Sound MX300
(Monster Sound MX25 daughterboard)
Hi-Val PCI 576 A3D
TechWorks Power Vortex 2
OEM Turtle Beach Montego II
(Digital & Optical I/O daughterboard)
Turtle Beach Montego II Home Studio
Turtle Beach Montego II Plus
Turtle Beach Montego II Quadzilla
Turtle Beach Montego II VoiceXpress
TerraTec XLerate Pro PCI
VideoLogic SonicVortex 2
Xitel Storm Platinum

Using the Aureal Vortex 1 (8820) chipset

Aureal Vortex1  PCI
Aztech PCI 338-A3D
DCS S805
Diamond Sonic Impact S90
Digitan Systems DSAC-600
Gallant Audio Storm A3D
Genius Sound Maker 64
GVC Winner Sound
Hi-Val PCI 338 A3D
Innowave Aureal Vortex PCI sound card
Intresource TeraSound A3D PCI
I/OMagic MagicWave A3D PCI
Mediatek Sound Image Symphonic PCI-1
Multiwave AudioWave PCI DigitalSound
Orchid NuSound3D
Pine Technology PT2628 Schubert 64 A3D-1
Procomp S320
Samtek Rock'n 98
Shark Predator 3D PCI
Skywell Magic Sound
TerraTec XLerate PCI
Turtle Beach Montego A3DXstream
(Digital & Optical I/O daughterboard)
Xitel Storm VX

Using the Aureal Vortex Advantage (8810) chipset

Aureal Vortex Advantage PCI
Aureal Vortex SuperQuad 1500
Absolute Outrageous 3D Sound Lite
Hi-Val PCI A3D Advantage
I/OMagic MagicWaveV1 A3D PCI

Using custom chipsets

Diamond Monster Sound
Diamond Monster Sound M80
Diamond Monster Sound MX200
Shark Predator 3D ISA
Xitel Storm

Other Sound Cards 

Many sound cards claim to emulate Aureal A3D 1.0, but are not based on genuine Aureal A3D technology. These products aren't endorsed by Aureal Inc. in any way. They feature fake Aureal A3D drivers that route calls from Aureal A3D 1.0 in games to DirectSound3D algorithms. Such drivers may result in Aureal A3D game compatibility problems, drop in frame rates, drop in 3D sound quality, loss of audio and generally unpredictable sound behavior in Aureal A3D applications. Consequently, Aureal Inc. strongly advises against using these products for purposes of playing A3D games. Some games like Descent Freespace: The Great War and SiN will check for Aureal certified hardware and will not support Aureal A3D without it!

Information from Aureal Inc


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