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7th Annual Report, 1852

This page first published on the web 7 Jan 2002

List compiled by Lenore Frost

The State Library of Victoria holds a copy of the Seventh Annual Report of the Melbourne Ladies' Benevolent Society, for the year ending 14th August 1852.

The report states that the Society was established in Melbourne in August 1845.  The objects of the Society were to relieve the wants of the poor, particularly female, by supplying them with clothes, food and necessaries, and primary attention was to be given to the sick and to poor women in their confinements.

Committee members in 1852 were:

Bell, Mrs W M
Broadfoot, Miss
Cassell, Mrs, Treasurer
Forbes, Mrs
Hetherington, Mrs
Howey, Mrs, President
Jackson, Miss
Jackson, Miss M
Langlands, Mrs H
Langlands, Miss, auditor
Ramsay, Mrs
Richardson, Miss
Simson, Miss Lucy, auditor
Tennent, Mrs
Turnbull, Mrs W M, Secretary
Wilkie, Mrs
Williamson, Mrs C
Williamson, Miss

La Trobe, Mrs, Patroness

The following persons were the principal persons in receipt of assistance, and in addition there were twelve others, unnamed, who received assistance:

Mrs THOMPSON, an aged widow, mentioned in former reports, has received throughout the year 7s 0d per week, amounting to 18 4s.

Mrs WEEKLY, a widow with five children, left perfectly destitute by the sudden death of her husband, has received 5s per week during the year, besides special relief, amounting in all to 13. 10s.

Mrs SHEPHERD, a widow with two infant children endeavours to maintain herself by washing when her health permits. Up to the 30th march she received 3s 6d a week; but since that period, in consequence of her rent being raised, has received 4s 6d per week, with special aid for medicines, etc, amounting to 11.14.10d.

Mrs HAIMES, whose case is noticed in last year's report, received 5s a week up to the month of March, amounting to 9.2.6d.  When, her husband having partially recovered from his infirmity, obtained employment, further aid was withdrawn.

Mrs STEVENS, an elderly person, in very delicate health, has received 3s a week, in all 8.8s, until relieved by her son, who has undertaken her further support.

Mrs WILLIS, a widow, a great sufferer from rheumatism, earns a little money by needlework, and has received 6s a week towards the payment of her rent.  She is still upon the funds of the Society and has received during the year 7.10s.

George BLENHEIM [rendered as BETHEL in the accounts], an old soldier, aged sixty-eight, who lost his arm by a gunshot wound at a station in the interior, and who being completely destitute and friendless, had been sleeping on the wharf, or under any shelter, was allowed groceries and money to the amount of 4.14s until he was admitted in December last, at the instance of the Society, unto the Benevolent Asylum.

Mrs MCLEOD, in consequence of her husband and two sons having gone to the Ballarat Diggings, had been found in a very destitute and distracted state, for several months received an allowance of 5s a week, but her husband returning, the Society has since been relieved of her maintenance.

Mrs GOOD, the widow of a man who accidentally shot himself on his way to the Gold Fields, was left with an infant and destitute, received 5s a week for thirteen and a half weeks, amounting to 3.7.6d.  Her infant having died, and her health being re-established, the aid was discontinued.

The following is a list of subscribers, and amount subscribed.  All persons who contributed to the Society became members:

Subscribers to Melbourne Ladies' Benevolent Society, 1852

A Friend* 2s 
A Friend, collected by* 1 5s
Adamson, Mrs 5s
Aitcheson 1
Ainslie, Miss 5s 9d
Ainslie's .. pupils 5s
Aitcheson, Mr David 10s
Ashhurst, Mrs H G 10s
Ashhurst, Mrs 10s
Atkin, Mr John* 1
Atkinson, Mr J R 5s
Beilby, Mrs 5s
Bell, ..J 5s
Bell, Mrs W M 5s
Bell, Mr 5s 9d
Benn, .. J 5s
Bennett, .. J B 5s
Board, Mrs 5s
Born, Mrs 5s
Broadfoot, Mrs 5s
Broadfoot, Miss 5s
Broadfoot, Mr A A 10s
Brock, Mrs, collected by* 5
Budge, Mr H 10s
Budge, P 10s
Cain, Mrs 5s
Campbell, Mr A M 1
Campbell, Mr D S 5s
Carlaw, Mrs 5s
Carson, Mrs 5s
Carter, Mr J 5s
Cassell, Mrs 5s
Cassell, Mr R G 5s
Clow, Mrs 5s
Clow, Misses 15s
Clow, Rev James 1
Creswick, Mrs 5s
Crossley, .. 1
Damyon, .. J 5s
Degraves, .. W 10s
Dickson, Miss 5s
Dickson, Miss* 10s
Dinwoodie, Mrs 1
Dunn, Mr R C 5s
Ellerman, Mr 5s
Ellerman, Mrs 1
Fawkner, .. J P 1
Fergusson, Mrs C 5s
Fergusson, .. J 5s
Forbes, .. 5s
Ford, Mr 5s
Four children* 4s 6d
Fowler, Mr H 5s
Foxton, .. J G 5s
Foxton, Mrs 5s
Furtado, .. 5s
Gibson, Mrs M 5s
Gill, J 10s
Gouge, .. G 10s
Gouge, Mrs 10s
Gunn, Rev P 5
Guthrie, Mr J 5s
Guthrie, .. H M 5s
Harper, Miss 5s
Harper, E M 5s
Heap, Mr Charles 5s
Hetherington, Mrs 5s
Hetherington, Rev J 5s
Hewlett, Mrs 5s
Hobson, Mrs E C 5s
Hood, Mr John 1 1s
Hornbrook, Mrs 1
Hornbrook, Mrs, collected by* 10s
Howey, Mrs 5s
Howey, Captain 5s
Howey, Captain* 15s
Hoyle, Mr* 1
Hunter, Mr J 5s
Irvine, Mrs 10s
Jackson, .. James 1 10s
Jamieson, A* 10s
Jamieson, Mr A 5s
Kennedy, Mrs 5s
Kerr, .. Robert 10s
La Trobe, .. 2
Langlands, ..H 5s
Langlands, .. Henry 5s
Langlands, Miss 5s
Langlands, Mrs Robert 5s
Lush, Mr J 5s
Lynott, .. C 2
McArthur, P 5s
McCarthy, Miss 5s
McDougall, Mrs 5s
McFarlane, Mr P 5s
McKay, Mr Robert 5s
McPherson, Mrs & Misses 1
Manly, J W 5s
Manly, Mrs 5s
Matheson, J 5s
Miller, Mr A 5s
Montefiore, Mr J L 1
Moore, Mr H T 5s
Moore, Mr H T* 5s
Mortimer, Mrs 5s
Mullaly, J 5s
Mullaly, J* 10s
Munro, D 5s
Murphy, Mr James 5s
Nicholson, Mrs G 5s
Ogilvy 5s
Oswald, J 10s
O'Mullane 5s
Patterson, W 5s
Rae, James 1 10s
Ramsay, Mrs 5s
Richardson,  5s
Richardson, Miss 10s
Robinson, J P* 5s
Ross, Mr Alfred 10s
Simson, D C 10s
Simson, MNiss L 5s
Smith, Mr H A 1
Splatt, Mrs W F 1
Standring, Mrs 5s
Steiglitz, J 5s
Stevenson,  5s
Sutherland, Mr Robt 1
Tennent, Mrs 5s
Turnbull, Dr W M 5s
Turnbull, Mr G 5s
Turnbull, Mr P 5s
Turnbull, Mrs 5s
Turnbull, Mrs W M 5s
Turnbull, P 5s
Turnbull, Phipps 5s
Turnbull, R 5s
Turner 5s
Urquhart, Mr 5s
Westgarth, Miss E 5s
Westgarth, Mr 10s
Whyte, James 1
Whyte, Mr John 1
Wilkie, Mrs 5s
Wilkie, Dr 5s
Williamson, Miss 5s
Williamson, Mrs C 5s
Williamson, Mr W 10s
Wilson, Messrs J & D 10s
Woodstock, Mrs D 1

                                       *    "Donations received from August 1851 to August 1852."
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