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Essendon and the
Boer War, 1899-1902

This page created 24 July 1998
  Updated 31 January 2013

Essendon and the Boer WarEssendon and the Boer War, with letters from the Veldt, 1899-1902

by Lenore Frost

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The following names are recorded on the South African War Memorial in Queen's Park, Moonee Ponds, Victoria, Australia:
Aitken, W 
Barnes, T 
Bastian, W H 
Bloomfield, T 
Boyhan, P 
Brabazon, J 
Brace, R F 
Burness, J B 
Dwyer, T 
Findlay, W 
Fison, W 
Fitzgerald, A W 
Fitzgerald, G T 
Gilbert, C 
Heritage, J 
Jennings, J T 
Kelley, C 
Kelley, R 
 Lamb, J   (K.I.A)
Le Patourel, A M
 Locke, H 
Lonie, W 
McMasters, S 
Masters, C J 
Moule, G 
Noble, J 
Norwebb, H 
Riley W H 
Sadler, L A 
Sanson, G H 
Sanson, W E 
Showers, A 
Smith, R G 
Thompson, H  J 
Thompson, P W 
Tredrea, H 
Vercoe, J 
Whitbourne, H 
Willett, P 
Woods, T 
See photos of the Essendon Memorial on the HAGSOC website   link updated
The above list of names was compiled in 1936, and being 34 years after the War, not surprisingly, quite a few of the names and initials were spelt incorrectly.

Corrections to errors in the above names recorded on the Monument

Bloomfield, T        Should be Bloomfield, Walter John James
Burness, J B        Should be Burness, James Percy
Findlay, W           Should be Findlay, Arthur William
Gilbert, C             Should be Gilbert, Edmund Burke
Kelley, R              Should be Kelly, Albert Edwin, (known as 'Dick')
Lamb, J                Should be Lamb, Henry Spencer
Sanson, G H        Should be Sanson, G R
Whitbourne, H      Should be Whidborne, Henry Elderton

The following names were not recorded on the monument, but from other evidence it appears that they were also Boer War veterans from the Essendon District.

Boake, Alfred Hogarth 
Boxall, Harry (KIA) 
Bunny, Gavan 
Canty, David Michael 
Craig, Andrew Frederick 
Craig, Cowan James 
Culliton, Frederick Samuel 
Dean, Melbourne 
Dean, Thomas Standen 
Duncan, J 
Edge, John William Davis 
Gordon, Huntley Campbell                                    
Grassham, Frederick 
Green, James 
Griffiths, Harry David 
Hodgson, Robert West 
Holt, Frederick Thomas 
Jackson, Henry George 
Jordan, Alexander  (KIA) 
McCormack, James 
Phillips, Arthur James 
Shreeve, James William 
Shuter, Reginald  Gauntle (Royal Irish Fusiliers) 
Skirving, Charles Reginald 
Tucker, William 
Wills, Harry Spencer

A plaque honouring the other volunteers from the Town of Essendon was added to the

original monument in December 2004, as pictured above.

The following men, who enlisted in WW1, recorded South African war experience on their B2455 attestation paper.
Added 12 Feb 2009
WW1 Volunteers, included in the South African War volunteers listed above:

Thomas Fitzgerald
James Richard Heritage
Albert Edwin Kelly
John Edward Vercoe

Additional WW1 volunteers,  whose service in South Africa had not previously  been noted:

Grassham, Thomas Charles, of Ascot Vale, 3rd NSW Bushmen
Durham, Frederick, Essendon, Cape own Rifles
Healey, Alfred Ernest,  born Newmarket, Natal Field Artillery, Thorneycroft's Mounted Infantry
Platt, Richard Allen, Essendon, South African Light Horse

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