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Port Phillip District and Victorian settlers - various indexes, 1841 to 1857
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Bandsman Vosti's Diaries: War and peace in Essendon, 1917-1920

John Vosti is the father of a large family living in Ascot Vale during the Great War.   In 1917 he is working at the Cordite Factory, Maribyrnong, and playing with the Essendon City Council Band.  His eldest son, Les, is in France with the AIF as a bandsman/stretcher-bearer.

John Vostiís diaries, covering  1917 to 1920, give a detailed account of  the daily life of a working family caught up in the struggle of a nation at war. Anxiously awaiting news from their soldier son, they participate in pro-Conscription rallies and patriotic events.  At the warís end the struggle continues with industrial disputes affecting their jobs, while the Spanish flu epidemic rages through the district.

These unique diaries offer a special insight into the life of an ordinary working family in a difficult period in Australiaís history.

ISBN: 978-0-9580558-2-6                         $30 plus post and packaging ($4 in Australia)

Click here to see the index.

You can also order this book at:

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Essendon Historical Society Inc                 768 Mt Alexander Rd, Moonee Ponds 3040

Essendon and the Boer War, with letters from the Veldt, 1899-1902

The centenary of the Anglo-Australian War, and a commemorative monument to the men of Essendon who went to serve the Empire in South Africa, was the inspiration for this study of a small community at the turn of the century.  Attitudes to "disloyalty" were severe.  The whole community, including children, were involved in patriotic activities.  The men in South Africa wrote detailed reports from South Africa of their experiences on the campaign trail.  They talked about gruelling hours in the saddle interspersed with wild gallops after the Boers, bad tucker, no shelter from the elements, and pride in their achievements as Australians. 
Illustrations, bibliography, index.

Click here to see the index

ISBN      0-9580558-0-7                         $30 posted in Australia
 Searching for Mary Ann: researching women ancestors in Australia

In order to give some depth to the portraits of our women ancestors, this book offers a methodical approach to researching a variety of record sources.  It includes a State-by-State survey of published material and guides to archival records about women.  It covers a wide field of possible research avenues, including computer databases, microfilmed records and indexes.

ISBN  646 16705 7                         REDUCED PRICE SPECIAL!!     $A6.00 posted in Australia

Australian Women's Work Exhibition 1907 Catalogue Index

(2 microfiche set)

These microfiche contain an index to Australian Women's Work:  catalogue and programme of the First Exhibition of Women's Work, Melbourne, 1907 reproduced on microfiche by the Library Council of Victoria, Melbourne, 1987.  The index contains thousands of names of women in the Edwardian period - competitors, prize winners, prize donors, advertisers and trade exhibitors.  Competitions included applied and fine arts, cookery, needlework and laundry work.  Most entrants were Victorian, but all States were well represented.  This index represents an invaluable opportunity to discover something about your women ancestors' leisure or work activities.  [ This set of fiche contains only the Index, NOT the Catalogue and Program.]
Available only from Lenore
ISBN 0 646 31444 0                                              $A15.00 posted in Australia
Murder and Misfortune on the Mount Alexander Road;  Essendon, Moonee Ponds, Ascot Vale and Flemington, 1840-1866

This book is based on selected Coronial inquests held in the district of Essendon, Moonee Ponds, Ascot Vale and Flemington between 1840 and 1866.  The evidence presented at the inquests were eye-witness accounts of events and conditions in the early days of settlement.  Witnesses include Alexander McDonald, a stockman, who saw his mate gored by a wild bullock;  John Dawes, a shepherd, who found a dead body in a swamp with a little dog sitting on its back;  and Christina Alcorn, who charitably attended a woman sick with dysentery living out her last miserable days in a tent.  Causes of death included riding into trees, visitations of God, strychnine poisoning, drownings, and of course, the occasional murder.
The book includes the names of the jurors who sat on the inquests.  Their name in the Coronial documents is often the earliest record of them having settled in the district.  Brief biographical details are given of the jurors and witnesses, where known.  An index of names allows you to readily find references to the witnesses and jurors.  

ISBN  0 646 23503                                                  $A15.00 posted in Australia

 Dating Family Photos, 1850-1920

Out of print

It is no good emailing me to ask where you can get a copy, because I am the only supplier, and I have no copies.  You will need to go to a library and borrow one.  This book is done and dusted.  It will not be reprinted.

ISBN 0 646 05898 3                           

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